Hello SMHI

You don't have many hours left now to clarify your views on the laws of nature, before Glasgow is over.

I make this summary and SMHI is welcome to give objections if you see any factual errors


One simple question:

The issue is serious: Earth's temperature will continue once emissions are stopped. Is this correct ?

If so, the IPCC, hand in hand with the SMHI, has given the world false information


If the information from the IPCC and SMHI is wrong, then this is the greatest crime against humanity ever.

This crime will wipe out civilization.

The crime also obviously exceeds all previous wars in cruelty.

It is all the more serious that the SMHI, which is the IPCC representative in sweden,

does not even want to take part in this discussion.

The Swedish people pay the salaries of these specialists, who in turn do not even want to participate.

in the question that may be most important in the whole climate debate: Will the temperature stop?

Every physics teacher seems to have  an answer but the professors so far know nothing.

MVH Bengt Ovelius

070 7225005