Zero Emissions 2050 (NetZero) is the only climate policy the world has

and it can only work if global temperatures are stopped  

at zero emissions. The IPCC promises this.


This discussion book shows, with text and mathematics, that the IPCC  

is wrong. Thus the only thing we have, current climate policy, falls,

like a house of cards. The book suggests what must come instead.


The book gives an encouraging message: the climate crisis is solvable.

The book is a blueprint for action that goes straight to the point.


With precise mathematics one can calculate that 200 Gton

CO2 from the atmosphere/year or 2 Gt of methane must be removed.

Then we can implement a  total, quality renovation and end up in

the 18th century within 20 years.  

We have to do the impossible (quote Greta)

We can invent the future we want if the experts don't stop us (quote Vinod Khosla)