Bengt Ovelius



My main task is to work on innovations based on thermodynamics.

A lot of work has been done on a brand new type of engine that gives diesel efficiency at only 6 bar top pressure.

It solves the lifetime problems and makes it possible to convert natural gas/methane into electricity and heat

in a small unit that has decades of service life. A normal otto or diesel will last months in continuous operation.

In this way, CO2 emissions across entire continents can  be cut in half.


The long-term dream is to be able to take methane directly out of the atmosphere. Adding just 1%

of atmospheric methane to fossil fuel and the fuel becomes climate neutral. With this approach, we can achieve climate neutrality decades earlier than with the current NetZero policy. If you add 2% then

electric cars are outclassed in environmental friendliness.


We are choosing right now whether we want a bottomless misery or a comfortable

transition to a balanced world.


Along with a scientist I contacted the top management of the IPCC in May 2008,  showed calculations

and a graph and warned that the Earth's temperature would rise at about the same rate if all emissions were stopped by 2010.

This is the chart that was handed over. We can now look in the rear-view mirror and draw conclusions.

The IPCC makes the same mistake in 2021 and this mistake affects the NetZero policy, which is ineffective

if the temperature does not stop. This may be the most important point in the whole climate debate.




All the time since 2008 questions, emails have been going to responsible scientists , authorities and politicians.

We are talking about about 9000 contacts during this period and some of this is on this website

which will later become a book. It has been like talking to a wall. The press has violated its own

press rules by watertightly preventing this discussion for 15 years.

The crime is in §4 to use the IPCC as a truth witness when it is the IPCC that is to be scrutinised.


The issue is serious: the Earth's temperature will continue once emissions are stopped. Is this correct?

If so, the IPCC, hand in hand with the SMHI, has given the world false information that can be summarized as follows.



This question determines whether the main policy NetZero (Zero Emissions) works or not.

If the temperature only continues when all emissions cease, then all efforts with

NetZero have been in vain. Then we lose all the action and resources that should have

put into a policy that works. This in turn will almost certainly lead to the Earth

to go over the tipping point, with no turning back.

The very reason for this website, which will later become a book, is this:


If the information from the IPCC and SMHI is wrong, this is the greatest crime against humanity ever.

This crime will wipe out civilization.

The crime also obviously exceeds all previous wars in cruelty.

It is all the more serious that the SMHI, which is the IPCC representative in Sweden,

does not even want to take part in this discussion.


The Swedish people pay the salaries of these specialists, who in turn do not even want to participate.

in the question that may be most important in the whole climate debate:


Will the temperature stop?


Every physics teacher has an answer but the professors know nothing so far.


Every climate specialist is in danger of being implicated in this crime. Being ignorant is not a crime

but it is no great honour for a climate expert to be and remain ignorant.


Being silent is also a crime.

Your own children will say: You knew, but you didn't lift a finger.


The purpose of this website is to seek the truth and inform as many people as possible

so that we can change Swedish politics through the democratic power of the Swedish people.

This concerns every citizen. Your knowledge of the subject will determine whether you and your children will survive the worst crisis in human history. Everyone can contribute.


Innovators around the world must be able to base their innovations on an accurate climate picture.

All the evidence suggests that NetZero 2050 is an ineffective policy that cause politicians and people

to feel completely  helpless  as the climate races on.


This seems to lead to a compelling conclusion:

Nothing else can save us but sucking out 200 Gt of CO2 and 2 Gt of methane

per year from the atmosphere, starting no later than 2025.

(Relatively simple mathematics confirms this picture)


This will be difficult but it is achievable. Presumably the price tag could end up

being a GDP in each country.

That is really a low price to pay to save civilization.


It is expensive to clean up after 200 years of oil party but it is necessary.

A quality job means we won't be satisfied until the earth has returned to the 18th century

with 275 ppm CO2. This is achievable within 20 years. Moreover, the ONLY way to save

Paris Agreement. The politicians so far have had no idea what they signed up to,

largely due to misleading information from climate experts.


Global cooperation is needed on a scale the world has never seen before.


Then we can save the Paris Agreement and the atmosphere will be fully restored within 20 years.

However, temperatures need about 100 more years to stabilize.


It is expected that climate expertise will help in this process, otherwise it will be difficult

for the population to survive.


So we are striving for the same goal - a great future for our children.


Hundreds of new ideas are needed. Our idea to take methane out of the atmosphere could provide

free energy to every home through methane from empty air.


It would take 100 million such houses to take care of the whole climate crisis and fix

situation in 20 years. Let the discussion begin !

We can invent the future we want if the experts don't stop us," says Vinod Khosla.


We can invent the future we want as long as the IPCC doesn't stop us, you might say

if the IPCC proves to be wrong with this simpel question:  " Will temperatures stop when emissions stop?"

The question must be answered!










Temperatures will   continue at this rate for about 700 years if all emissions are stopped today.

If emissions are not stopped, it will go up slightly faster, but not much faster.

That's because an annual emission is only 1% of what already exists. This subset

will not have its full temperature impact for another 700 years. So you can't control

the temperature trend with the amount of emissions.

Zero emissions today will not change these curves.