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You wrote:

> The climate science community estimates ECS to be in the neighbourhood of 3 C. You estimate it at 36 C.

> Taking such an extreme claim seriously requires an extreme burden of proof:



Medical journal THE LANCET, conducted the largest-ever survey of young people's

climate anxiety. I comment it in this (amateur) video

THE LANCET writes: Climate anxiety in children and adolescents is not only caused by an ecological

disaster, but it is also caused by the failure of more powerful adults and governments to act.

You climate experts can win the trust of young people by providing a true picture of the climate that in turn provides credible action plans. Young people do not buy into the cheating politics of today and climate expertise is the biggest global obstacle as long as you lie about climate sensitivity, hand in hand with the IPCC. The extreme burden of proof is on the climate experts, to prove that cs=3 is right.

Besides, both you and Thorsten are right that you climate professors are light years wiser than I am. Thus, with your excellent knowledge, you should help produce the correct value of climate sensitivity. If cs > 4 then NetZero doesn't work and all emission budget is gone (Rockström)

This must be available in a couple of weeks as the capture of 200 Gt CO2 and 2 Gt methane must be fully operational by 2025. Even these figures need to be worked through and confirmed by the climate experts. My job is to use your findings and put forward proposals for technologies that can do the job. I have 40 years of thinking behind this and my message is that this is solvable.

Climate sensitivity=3 comes to naught on all counts. Ice age cannot occur, earth can only get +36C at 100% CO2 . IPCC made a projection with cs=3 that puts +2C at 450 ppm by 2100. All this is 60-70 years off.

1.442695041*cs*ln(ppmCO2/275) cs=3

Climate sensitivity=36 is a slam dunk all points. Ice age can occur, earth will be +420C at 100% CO2- exactly as NASA prescribes . We made a forecast with cs=36 that was exactly right 2008-2022 .

The working model says that the earth is placed in an oven with oven temperature t= 1.442695041*cs*ln(ppmCO2/275) cs=36

The integral of the furnace temperature divided by the Earth's time constant gives the true global temperature. The time constant is varied until the global temperature curve agrees with NASA's actual measurements. In this way the Earth's time constant can be determined with great precision.

This is the whole proof and it seems to be much more powerful than what you have put forward so far to defend the IPCC and cs=3



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