All IPCC projections assume innovations that can be likened to science fiction.

Ref YouTube  "Survivable IPCC projections are based on science fiction"


When we see that the current Zero Emissions 2050 policy has no effect



then all that is left is innovations that the world has never seen before.

The world urgently needs new action plans.


Swedish Television SVT Says : Government's lack of action plans is more shocking

than the IPCC report. Published 9 August 2021 Erika Bjerström



The only way forward is hundreds of innovators working together globally.


You can get a sense of what hundreds of  innovators can achieve

by humbly telling   about the major breakthroughs  that

we as innovators have made.


From this, the book "An Action Plan for Climate"has  emerged.




Breakthrough 1: Stackfree Thermoacoustics



We see this as a completely new, scientific field.

A sound wave can generate cubic metres per second of -30C cold air.

Within reach could be a heat pump with COP=10

that makes house heating almost free, and a number of other surprises

the world has never seen.





Breakthrough 2: Scatterzone Theory



The IPCC has for the last 40 years been stuck in climate sensitivity=cs=3

This value affects all other calculations, giving Sweden and EU

a flawed climate law and a flawed policy called "NetZero 2050"


Scatterzone Theory opens up a whole new field in climate science.

With these mathematical tools, better forecasts can be designed.

This theory may be necessary if we are to tailor the right innovations

and thus cope with the climate crisis.


The IPCC has long claimed, with the support of cs=3, that +2C will occur after 2100.

Everyone can see that the error is catastrophically large, about 60 years.


Scatterzone Theory gave exactly the right forecast 2008-2021 and it will be possible

to calculate how many GtonCO2 /year must be removed in the future to meet the Paris Agreement.

Those who only calculate with cs=3 simply cannot do this important calculation.


Therefore, the hope is that the IPCC  will quickly discover that Scatterzone Theory is

the piece of the puzzle that need to be grasped. Then it will be clear that global temperatures cannot stop when

emissions stop. Then it will be clear that the IPCC and SMHI curves below

are not just wrong. They pose a global, existential threat.



We must not go to Glasgow with NetZero 2050, the policy that is a fraud

and an insult to our young people. We need a factor of 1000 times

more forceful action. The age of wishful thinking is over.


Many leading experts say this is the world's last chance.


Ref: ScatterZone

Ref: ScatterZone Calculator






Breakthrough 3: VatneEngine



We see this as a brand new thermodynamic process

that delivers diesel efficiency at 10% of diesel's peak pressure.

Within reach is a CHP   that can provide electricity and heat

in each house. What is new and great is that for the first time a CHP that can

have decades of lifespan and, over time, reverse greenhouse gases.

This is an important piece of the puzzle in the next generation of environmental technology that can

solve 99% of the climate crisis while non-reversing solar+wind+water+electric cars can only solve 1%