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The book "An Action Plan for Sweden" describes and proves

how the IPCC and a large part of the world

climate experts have calculated the last 40 years with the wrong climate sensitivity =cs =3.

This affects all areas of climate work and is about to have catastrophic consequences.


Therefore, a new climate theory was tested in 2008 and named "Scatterzone Theory".

This theory gave a perfect forecast for 2008-2021 while the IPCC's main forecast

( +2C in 2100 450 ppm ) that was the foundation for bill, the Climate Law and NetZero,

is turning into a scientific disaster.


The Scatterzone theory is described in this book published Jan 2019



Scatterzone Climate Calculator is a unique software that allows

to simulate the atmosphere with arbitrary climate sensitivity

and an arbitrary time constant between CO2 and temperature.

Then it begins to make sense why the IPCC has been so wrong for so long.


This calculator requires no prior scientific knowledge and

it is suitable for companies, authorities and politicians who need

try to see into the future and test different climate policies.


The calculator also tells you how much CO2 needs to be removed

from the atmosphere per year to respect the Paris Agreement.


This might also be an important tool to guide IPCC  find the true

climate sensitivity.


With the help of this calculator, the whole climate picture becomes logical

and easy to understand. This is needed to design a true, workable

global climate policy..


As far as we know, no climate calculations have been made with any

other climate sensitivity than  approx 3.  For this reason it is probable

that this climate calculator is the first to open up a new perspective

in climate science.  We think that this perspective is urgently needed

to handle the climate crises.






The calculator costs 99 EUR  for a single user

Companies and public authorities that buy 10 licences have a licence

to install an unlimited number of applications within the company / authority.


Purchase: Pls pay  the amount to  

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Picopuls AB HANDSESS / SE93 6000 0000 0009 7272 5598. (international)


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