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Zero-Zero - climate aims to return to the year 1700 with 275 ppm CO2 and 0.8 ppm Methane.

This is the only possible quality solution. With the right technology, the Earth's atmosphere could be restored within 30 years.

Precise mathematics and innovative technology can make this possible.

If the climate sensitivity is greater than 3, the NetZero policy will prove completely ineffective.

In that case, stronger measures are needed. The only long-term solution and the only chance to save the Paris Agreement

is to remove 200 Gt CO2 and 2 Gt methane per year, starting no later than 2025.

The maths behind this is quite simple. The main obstacle for the world is the miscalculation of climate sensitivity=3 from IPCC.

The final, no-return choice lies before 2025.

That is why this discussion is urgent.


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Scatterzone Climate Calculator


Designed for Windows 7, 10, 11


is a unique software that allows you to

to calculate the atmosphere with arbitrary climate sensitivity

and an arbitrary time constant between CO2 and temperature.

Then it begins to make sense why the IPCC has been so wrong for so long.


This calculator requires no prior scientific knowledge and

it is suitable for business people, public authorities, politicians and journalists

who need to try to see into the future and test different climate policies.


The calculator also tells you how much CO2 needs to be removed

from the atmosphere per year to respect the Paris Agreement.


With the help of this calculator, the whole climate picture becomes logical

and easy to understand. This is needed to design a workable

climate policy. It is urgent.


The calculator shows in a way that is easy to understand

why NetZero (Zero Emissions 2045 ) cannot work

when climate sensitivity is greater than 3.


The IPCC has for 40 years wanted to give a picture of the Earth warming +3C for

for every doubling of CO2 levels.

For 40 years, the IPCC has also wanted to give a picture that the time lag is

almost zero between elevated CO2 and the corresponding temperature.


The climate calculator can calculate all climate sensitivities and can therefore

look deep into the errors given to the world by the IPCC.


Everyone can now create their own picture of what they perceive as

true climate sensitivity. From there, a proper forecast can be made

and a completely different climate policy can be formulated.


We made a forecast ourselves with this calculator in 2008 that

then came to exactly match NASA's actual measurements up to 2022


The IPCC's main forecast for the same time (+2C in 2100 450 ppm ) was catastrophically wrong

because it was based on the wrong climate sensitivity (3).


The climate calculator can also accurately calculate the time lag

between new CO2 levels and global temperature.


This time lag, which is one of the most important factors in the climate understanding

does not seem to exist at all in the world painted by the IPCC in its final report of 2021.

Comments have been sought from the IPCC and its representative SMHI since 2008.


The IPCC and SMHI seem to be completely lacking tools to calculate different climate sensitivities.

If they do have these tools, it is urgent to calculate true climate sensitivity

based on NASA's real temperature evolution, and calculate how this

climate sensitivity affects the evolution of the Earth's temperature when all

emissions are stopped. Will the emission budget disappear?  

Will the whole NetZero policy fall?


These are the most important factors in the whole climate effort and these factors are banished

from the press, media and politics.




The calculator costs 990 SEK for a single user (99 US$)

Companies and public authorities buying 10 licences have a licence

to install an unlimited number of applications within the company/authority.


Purchase: deposit the amount to Picopuls AB Bankgiro 5092-6153


Picopuls AB HANDSESS / SE93 6000 0000 0009 7272 5598.

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är en encyklopedi i form av ett windows-program

som visar diskussionen med expertis och myndigheter under sista 25 åren.

Man kan se det som en bok med ett par tusen sidor och produkten innehåller

också klimatkalkylatorn och andra mjukvaror för att kartlägga konsekvenserna av

alla tänkbara värden på klimatkänsligheten.


Produkten är under utveckling, priset blir 10,000 sek och intäkterna

kommer att investeras i den viktigaste tekniken av alla: Gas separering.