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Calculating the consequences of different climate sensitivities seems to be a black hole

in climate science.


Our "Climate Calculator" maps out in a precise scientific way, with full mathematical

derivation, all that many seem to want to sweep under the carpet. The goal is to

try to map out how climate situation really is so that we can base climate policy on truth.


The calculator elevates the discussion to the level of precise science and mathematics.


It all boils down to the fateful question: will temperatures stop once emissions are halted?

If NO, then NetZero is almost completely ineffective.


The IPCC and SMHI answer YES and base the entire world's climate policy on solving

climate crisis with zero emissions, as the website of the Climate Policy Council also shows:





This is the most important thing in the whole climate debate and the climate experts are expected to confirm or provide their own derivation of the consequences of

different climate sensitivities.


This question is repeatedly put to the top management of the IPCC all the way back to May 2008 and onwards, over the last 14 years,

and to the responsible Swedish climate experts, not least SMHI (representing the IPCC).



Here is the full mathematical background and every expert sees through this:


The model is an earth in an oven.

We set up the differential equation for heat transfer with a CO2 evolution

governed by a second-degree polynomial.







The symbolic solution to this differential equation is the very engine of the

climate calculator. This is all that is needed to understand the implications of

all possible climate sensitivities and to design a climate policy from there

that works. The calculator is easy to use. It does the work of executing

this rather comprehensive formula:





The calculator is here The climate calculator




Critical discussion:

Creating a virtual reality of a world governed by climate sensitivity 6

then it won't fit completely with NASA's real measurements (black)





Climate sensitivity 6 is enough to see that NetZero can't work.



However, the best alignment between virtual and real world is obtained at

climate sensitivity=36. It may not prove anything but it suggests

that true climate sensitivity seems to be well above 12. Try it for yourself !