Climate anxiety







Climate anxiety and action



Starting point is the medical journal THE LANCET

which has conducted the largest ever survey of young people's

climate anxiety. Politicians must respond. The only solution is

a climate policy that really works.


Young people are seeing through the cheating policies they believe are being pursued today.


This cannot continue. Not a single party has a policy that works,

a policy that young people can accept.


This 10 minute video tries to give the vision and hope that is completely missing

in today's political debate.


The first step to reaching out to young people lies with climate experts.


Climate experts must muster the courage to examine

IPCC and its climate sensitivity in a truthful manner.


It is thevalue of climate sensitivity itself that is crucial.

Is the climate sensitivity 3.6 or 36?

This value not only determines the projections for the future. It also determines whether

NetZero policy will work or be ineffective. Our whole civilisation stands and

depends on whether we can agree on a correct value

of climate sensitivity.


Then our scientists must not join a blind parade that celebrates climate sensitivity 3 on the orders of the IPCC

while young people suspect the truth about climate and rightly distrust science and politicians -

the driver of climate anxiety.


Swedish Higher education law. SFS no: 1992:1434 Chapter 1 §2

The mission of higher education institutions shall include interacting with the surrounding

society for mutual exchange and promote the transfer of knowledge and

the knowledge and expertise available at the university for the benefit of society.


This includes that professors maintain a lively discussion with the surrounding

community and responding to questions. The work should be driven by science, not politics and money.


The press must also play an active role in the search for correct climate sensitivity.

If it is above 3, then the whole climate policy has to change fundamentally.


I am sure everyone agrees that the truth must be the basis for effective management of

the worst crisis in human history: the climate crisis.


Universities and their research determine whether we win or lose.

It is urgent.


Now, with the facts in hand, one can surmise that Exxon secretly knew all that was needed 42 years ago

to design a workable climate policy.


Universities should have had this head start instead.


The very key to success seems to lie in finding the right value for climate sensitivity.

Time is running out.