Climate Sensitivity



This single image says everything we need to create a working

and true climate policy.


The cloud with points is Vostok ice cores. These have been stabilized.

The rod that stand out are young measurements, less than 100 years old.

The IPCC has correctly found that these have climate sensitivity=3

What IPCC has missed is that these measurements have not stabilized.

In 700 years the rod turns upwards and becomes harmonic with the cloud.

Then we reach the same climate sensitivity =36

This is the mistake that puts an entire world at risk

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We can also philosophize that the scientists who study ice cores about

50,000 years from now won't see the stick sticking out. They'll just

see a harmonic point collection that rises with climate sensitivity 36

or more. Possibly they will be puzzled that civilization collapsed

in 2040 because the IPCC scientists of that time failed to determine the

correct climate sensitivity. The book describes how easy it is to calculate

everything needed to understand the climate from this picture.




Just by counting squares in this scatterplot from ice cores,

everyone can see that the Earth's temperature is increasing by about 36 C

for every doubling of CO2 levels.

True climate sensitivity is thus of the order of 36.


The IPCC's point that is out of touch with reality

ends up there, when you calculate climate sensitivity = 3.

The 2021 Nobel Prize is a tribute to climate sensitivity=2.3 (blue)

which is even further from reality.









These scientists probably know that Galileo Galilei also had a hard time

that the Earth was round. One can be inspired by his wise proverb:


I don't want to believe that the same God who has given us feeling, reason and

intellect has wanted us to renounce them. Galileo Galilei