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Problem 1

Are the emission reductions sufficient for NetZero to work?


The Climate Action Tracker provides an important report




Problem 2

NetZero can only work if the Earth's temperature stops

when emissions are stopped. Will it really stop? If yes..

That would mean that the 3000 Gt of CO2 "too much" has not

any impact. However, emissions do have a decisive impact despite

emissions are only 1% of what is already there and its effect

will only come into full effect after 700 years.











If the temperature doesn't stop at stopped emissions, it will be driven further

by the 3,000 Gt of CO2 "too much" that already exists.

In principle, the options look like this (graph below)


The room for manoeuvre offered to the world by emissions limits is in the yellow area.

The whole NetZero policy of solar, hydro, wind, electric cars etc..... has in all its scope

only power to influence the yellow field.


The rest of the way down to PARIS (green line) can only be solved in one way: sucking out 200 Gt of CO2

and 2 Gt of Methane per year, starting no later than 2025. This path that is enormously expensive and burdensome,

and everyone wants to avoid it. On closer analysis, it may turn out that this quality solution to the climate crisis

can be completed in 20 years, and it can also be profitable in a way that is completely revolutionary.

We are talking about a doubling of the GDP of those countries that dare to take the lead.