Many thanks to Rodrigo Caballero and Thorsten Mauritsen and others who shared such information that it may lead to an answer to the question: does the temperature stop?

Since the salvation may lie in the oceans' interaction between surface and bottom waters, I have put up a special chapter on the website that I call the deep seas


Here, the thoughts got hung up on the fact that 2.29 w/m2 is not enough to warm the oceans at the current global rate of about 0.035 C/year

Therefore, here is a small chapter that I call "Gåta" :

It seems to take 23 W/m2 to warm the oceans at the current rate, assuming that half the ocean volume is standing still and isolated.

On the other hand, it is true if you assume that over 90% of the ocean volume is stationary and isolated. Can there be so much water that is not affected by temperature ?


I can make a web-based software simulator on this , which can speed up understanding, but the numbers have to add up first and the right visions have to emerge.

MVH Bengt