Vinod Khosla says:

"All the interesting things are happening on the edges of the system. They don't happen in the solid core."


Innovations that significantly change the world rarely come from big business,

academia or government.


Innovative thinking is needed to

1.Understanding the climate - understanding is missing

2.Solving the climate threat - innovation is missing


The more an idea changes things, the more it is discouraged.

What is most needed is also most resisted.

That's why climate work is heading straight into a wall of total imaginative futility.


What is needed to solve the climate crisis?


1. Greta : Study !

Everyone needs to understand what is happening



2. Johan Rockström:

Do everything in your power


WWF fundraising gala



3. There are solutions:


People should not have to worry about the climate crisis in the long term,

nor for rising electricity prices or fuel.  

Nor should there be any climate anxiety.


The climate crisis can be solved in smart ways if the experts don't stop us...


By far the biggest hurdle is that the IPCC has given the world the wrong value for climate sensitivity (S=3)

which in turn misrepresents our critical climate situation. This could be classified as

as the worst crime ever committed against humanity because the value S=3 alone can

cause the end of civilization. Press, media and climate experts

are not taking their responsibility here. Powerful forces want to prevent a free, true, democratic

discussion in which all points of view are heard. After all, the truth will prevail in

in the very near future.


The climate crisis is solvable in clever ways unless the experts stop us...

Greta is absolutely right: ordinary people must take responsibility and by democratic means

bring forward the forces that can shape a climate policy based on truth.




One possible vision (of many!) is this house that uses nanotechnology to

take methane directly out of the air. A funnel with a diameter of 5 m and an air velocity

of 5 m/s can theoretically capture 6.5 kW from the methane in the air.

That's enough to generate all the electrical power for the house and it's enough to

fuel for the car. A car running on atmospheric methane reverses the greenhouse effect

100 times more powerfully than fossil fuel cars destroy it. Therefore, a single such

car can make 100 cars run on fossil fuels at the same time and the whole thing becomes climate neutral.


Now the price of diesel is soaring because so much bio-oil is being added.

A smoother solution would be to add 1% atmospheric methane,

then the fuel would be completely climate-neutral and the price of diesel could be lowered,

The next step is to add 2%.

Then the greenhouse effect will reverse and this fuel will outperform electric cars.


This shows how smooth and comfortable the transition to a new world can be.





It takes 100 million of these houses to provide 100 million families with ultra-high

living standards while solving the ENTIRE climate crisis within

within 20 years. With this calculator, everyone can play with the resources that

available in thin air www.ppm.today/air


All such new things arise "at the edges of the system" (Vinod Khosla)

and is furiously opposed by the entire establishment.  


This proposal has already been presented at

Chalmers /General Assembly SIO Graphene April 2015.

The scientists gave the thumbs up and the Swedish Energy Agency swept everything under the carpet.


A successful project has the potential to solve Sweden's entire energy problem,

a large part of the world's climate problem (about 50%) and can at the same time be

Sweden's largest industrial project.


When projects become so promising that they change the world, this is high on the agenda

above the level of knowledge of current experts and professors. Therefore, such

furiously discouraged. That's why Vinod Khosla says.....if the experts don't stop us.


Hundreds of similar proposals must be released from "the edges of the system"

that can deliver.


Current climate policy Zero Emissions 2045 can solve 1% of the climate crisis if the whole world

steps up. Therefore, it is a cheating policy and an unimaginative insult to our own children.

A disgrace to humanity to try to cheat its way out of the biggest problem ever.


The choice is crystal clear: Remove all Groupthinkers from decision-making positions - or

or let civilization perish. The   people must inform themselves and exercise the power

that emanates from the constitution.







4. Answers needed from climate experts:

The IPCC report is very important and the IPCC's work must be supported in all ways.

But that does not prevent certain conclusions from being subject to scrutiny:


One question means everything...........


"Will temperatures stop when emissions stop?"

Then we'll know if NetZero2050 can work.

This question, the most important in the entire climate debate

is addressed on this website.

Authorities and experts are asked to answer.


Everyone must study the issue and have an opinion.


The next elections could decide everything.

It depends on YOU whether we win or lose.

No issue has been so important in human history.


Just YOU: You can't continue to be a sleepwalker:







Deeper Discussion (2)



Hypothesis essay:

When scientists land on a lifeless planet in 20,000 years

a comprehensive scientific report will be written:





§1 The end of civilization can be explained by the fact that

tens of thousands scientists and professors in the IPCC failed to

complete the simple task of determining the correct

climate sensitivity in year 2021. Most of them knew the truth

but GroupThink dominated. This made politics and conclusions in

climate work did not reflect reality.


§2 The press and media at the time, saw the IPCC as the earth's only chance

to unite the world. The weight of tens of thousands of professors and the weight of

the Nobel Prize to the IPCC made the press forget its own press ethics

rules. It missed any critical scrutiny. These psychological

factors can be likened to a drunken state. And yet the people of the world

had some guidance from the 2,000-year-old wisdom:

REV18-3 For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of

her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed

fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed

rich through the abundance of her delicacies.



§3 The climate sensitivity =cs, is the number of degrees by which the

global temperature  rises when carbon dioxide levels double.

All planets the size of the Earth, such as Venus, have cs= 20-40

for CO2. Therefore, it is a paradox how the IPCC could claim cs=3

during the Earth's most critical 40 years, until 2025.

Among other things, this allowed fossil fuels to be used for 100 years longer

than would have been possible with the right climate sensitivity.

Climate sensitivity cs=3 thus became the final trap.



§4 Our civilization now in the year 22,025 could easily have handled

the situation of nanotechnology-based gas separation

needed in year 2025.


Earth's dilemma in 2025 was that those in power lacked the knowledge

and those who had the knowledge reported no knowledge

because they calculated the wrong climate sensitivity, cs=3.

It is far from the true value cs = 20-40.


Thus the world lacked true knowledge of the real climate situation and

climate policy became woefully ineffective, especially the NetZero concept.


As a result, all the resources and money were invested precisely where

they would do the least good. No one understood how critical it was

to develop nanotechnology-based gas separation.


If only this had been understood, the Earth would easily have had the

resources to develop this as quickly as Covid vaccines were developed

in 2020.


By then, much of the energy crisis and much of the water crisis

would have been solved at the same time. But 99.7% of the resources

went to useless bureaucracy and corruption and 0.3 % went to technology

needed to save the world.



The root of the whole problem was that the IPCC told the world wrong

climate sensitivity. Civilization went down the drain with a speed

that no one could have imagined in 2021.


The right climate sensitivity would show that the climate crisis was

36/3 = 12 times more powerful than anyone could have imagined

living in the cs=3 world.