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Implementation review 2022 Feedback period   20 September 2021 - 18 October 2021




The Climate Law includes:

a legal objective for the Union to reach climate neutrality by 2050

an ambitious 2030 climate target of at least 55% reduction of net emissions of greenhouse gases ........


Extremely URGENT: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The EU climate law will not work as intended.

Concept of net zero is a dangerous trap

The Glasgow meeting will be of no use if  NetZero2050  is the main EU policy


Why ?

The big square in the pdf image is 3000 Gtons "too much" in the atmosphere. All of this

must go, preferably within 20 years, otherwise Paris Agreement will fail.

These 3000 Gtons have been accumulating ever since the 18th century.


The barely visible square by the arrow is the 40 Gt of CO2 emitted

every year on Earth. If we emit twice as much or nothing at all

the difference is barely measurable in temperature by 2050...


Here you can see at a glance that the NetZero policies of the world cannot

work. Those who want to deepen their knowledge can read these three excellent

scientists who say that NetZero is a dangerous trap.

This should concern everyone deeply.


In 1633 Galileo Galilei was accused of believing the earth was round.

The press* did not dare to bring this up because the entire elite of the world thought the earth was flat.

The discussion was completely forbidden.


The same applied so far to the question of whether global temperatures will stop when emissions are stopped.

Time has run out and we need a successful Glasgow, based on true science and exact mathematics.


NetZero policies depend on that global temperature stops when global emissions stop.

This will not happen, as the rate of rise 0.035 C /year (measured by NASA) is driven by the 3000 Gton

and NOT by the 40 Gton/year global emissions.

If all emissions are stopped today earth will continue for centruries at the rate of rise 0.035 C /year.


IPCC has given the world wrong information (see 1st graph )

Global temperature can not rise slower than 0.035 C/year

Thus the IPCC graphs must be tilted (see 2d  graph ).


This 2d graph is the true forecast and it will impose the entire EU law to be re-written.

The laws of nature are stronger than the errors of IPCC


This is sad, this is urgent  

We must have a deep discussion long before Glasgow, i.e. NOW


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