In the chapter about the researcher "Örjan Hallberg" the principle of how to simulate the heating of the earth is given

and how climate sensitivity and climate time delay can be calculated by backwards calculation.

We can think of this as "reverse engineering", with transformative inherent power.

Climate science uses enormously complex software that runs through all the processes

on Earth second by second. Therefore, supercomputers are needed and calculations take a long time.

Here, theoretical fantasy worlds have been created, so complex that the scientists themselves

have lost track of what they are doing. Evidence of losing the overview

are the incorrect final results of these simulations.

Climate scientists Dyke, Whatson and Knorr say: 'Instead of confronting our doubts, we scientists decided to construct ever more sophisticated fantasy worlds in which we would be safe. The price of our cowardice is that we must remain silent about the increasing absurdity of the need for carbon dioxide remediation on a planetary scale.

Instead of acknowledging the seriousness of our situation, we continue to participate in the fantasy of "Net Zero". What will we do when reality strikes? What will we tell our friends and loved ones that we have not spoken out now? Telling the truth in 2050 is too late.


Counting backwards, as Scientist Ö. Hallberg suggested in 2005, is a revolution.

Then we can finally have an accurate value of climate sensitivity.

Then we can also calculate the most important messages in the entire climate policy:


NetZero (Zero emissions in 2050) can only solve about 1% of the climate crisis.

The other 99% requires that

200 Gt CO2 and 3-5 Gt Methane is removed per year, starting no later than 2025.


The IPCC and SMHI and the many climate professors simply cannot calculate this because

they are stuck in climate sensitivity=3. Had they been able to make a correct calculation, this would have

been at the centre of discussion, research and policy today. A more important question does not exist.


Now the entire press is also held hostage by the climate experts because the press does not

dare to touch the most important  topic in the history of mankind.


The chapter "Mathematics for young people" shows in detail such a simulation between 1960 and 2023,

This can be used as a teaching tool in any school and it gives children and young people

a simple tool to actually calculate the correct climate sensitivity and the correct time delay

between increased CO2 and increased global temperature.

Every voter should read this, as should every politician. Knowledge is needed to survive the climate threat.


This calculation shows that climate sensitivity=36 and time lag RC=700 years gives us a model

that exactly follows NASA's actual measurements.


This result can then be confirmed in a number of independent ways:


Confirmation 1:

The IPCC has for 40 years assumed climate sensitivity=3 and used the formula

t=cs*ln(ppmCO2/275)/ln(2) cs=climate sensitivity

which gives curve B. This, what Dr Carter calls manipulated information has

gone straight into the Swedish bill and climate law.

Anyone can easily see, through NASA's real measurements, that the Earth's temperature is driven by a

significantly higher climate sensitivity (A)





Confirmation 2:

In the last 450,000 years the earth has reached 285 ppm four times. Each time, a dangerous

overtemperature of +2C has occurred


Also, all research shows that 275 ppm gives 0C overtemperature and an earth in equilibrium,

These two, well-researched points show a climate sensitivity of exactly 36.


In 1895, 285 ppm CO2 occurred again but dangerous +2C overtemperature has not yet occurred

after 130 years. This shows that the lag between CO2 and global temperature is much greater

than 130 years. This intuitively confirms that 700 years may be an accurate lag.

If all emissions had stopped in 1895, the Earth would have reached dangerous +2C about 700 years later.  The CO2 emission budget ended in year 1895.








Confirmation 3:

Hypothesis about the IPCC's incredible mistake:


Scatter plot, earth temperature anomaly related to ppm CO2:


All measurement points from Vostok ice cores form a cloud with a clear upward slope

corresponding to climate sensitivity=36. Just count squares!.


All measurement points from NASA real measurements form a "stick" that exhibits

climate sensitivity=3 . Just count squares!


We are at the rightmost tip of the stick and we have a vertical journey ahead of us that reaches the cloud.

With climate sensitivity=36 and 420 ppm CO2, the target is t=36*ln(420/275)/ln(2) = 22C

Now the temperature is rising by about 0.03 C/year. So the journey up to +22C takes 22/0.03= 700 years.

The earth time delay between CO2 and temp. = 700 years confirmed again !


According to Örjan Hallberg,  the IPCC.  has played down the time delay to almost zero.

Then it is enough to look at the   NASA stick in graph and one can conclude climate sensitivity=3.


The IPCC's incredible mistake is suspected to be that IPCC did not understand that the stick

is not stabilized.   It has only just begun its journey. The slope of the stick says nothing about

climate sensitivity.


No, the slope of the stick is just a measure of how fast civilization evolved.

If all CO2 was emitted in a single day, the slope of the stick would be zero (cs=0)

If all CO2 was released in 5000 years, the stick would have followed the cloud upwards and

the IPCC would have given us the correct value of 36 for climate sensitivity.



Confirmation 4:

If the same excel model is used, but we add a time-variable climate sensitivity,

the match with NASA seems even more perfect.


See the chapter "Increased Climate Sensitivity"






Climate sensitivity could be as high as 70 right now and it seems increasing exponentially.


Dr Carter: The difference between a climate sensitivity of 3°C and 4.5°C is life and death

for our future and all life.


If climate sensitivity is  4.5°C or higher, totally different climate politics is needed.

NetZero politics can then only solve approx 1%  of the climate crises.

The rest, 99% MUST be addressed by removing 200 Gton CO2 annually,

start no later than 2025.


It could be the worst crime ever to humanity, to ignore this.



Here is how nicely the graph from Prof. James Hansen's last newsletter fits to climate sensitivity=35 and time lag 700 years.

The same graph shows the IPCC red graph, with climate sensitivity=3 and time lag 0 years, completely according to

Summary for Policymakers.









The practical implications are enormous.


With climate sensitivity=3, fossil fuels can be used past 2100,

assuming +2C is a temperature level you can live with.


With climate sensitivity=36, fossil fuels could be used until 1895,

under the same conditions.


Assuming Dr. Carter is right, that climate sensitivity=3 is a manipulated value:

Then enormous dangers will arise in the world in thousands of different ways. Necessary innovations

are prevented.


A single example: Chalmers would become the EU centre for Graphene. The government asked, within

which Graphene area Sweden could focus on. A meeting was therefore arranged at

Chalmers on Monday 27 April 2015 (General Assembly, Workshop SIO Graphene).

The Swedish Energy Agency and Formas played important roles.


One proposal was that Sweden should focus on the technology of making gas filters with graphene so that

CO2 and Methane could be separated from the air in an energy efficient way. It was pointed out that the methane

of 5 Gton/year that must be removed from the atmosphere for civilization to survive is a high-value

fuel. Moreover, 5 Gt is so incredibly much that most of the world's energy problems

is solved, while at the same time the greenhouse effect goes down to the 1970s level.


This proposal, and probably thousands like it around the world, have been shelved. Why?

Well the IPCC+SMHI count on manipulated climate sensitivity (=3C) and the consequence is that such technology  

will not be needed until perhaps after 2100. Our grandchildren can deal with that.


Just as Dr Peter Carter says, the manipulation will mean climate catastrophe and doom

because an incorrect value of climate sensitivity prevents anything that has the potential to be our salvation.


The EU has bought energy from Russia for €139,676,150,787

since the war started, or 1 676 113 809 444 SEK

Source https://beyond-coal.eu/russian-fossil-fuel-tracker



If EU   invested this amount to find definitive solutions, 167,611 small innovative companies could each be supported with 10 million SEK. ( $ 1 M )


If 1% of these projects succeed, 1676 solutions will emerge that the world has never seen before - making life radically better for the world's population.


This could include the science fiction that completely replaces fossil fuels. One example is atmospheric

methane that can repair the atmosphere and solve the energy crisis at the same time.


The manipulated climate sensitivity (=3C) has a global impact that is enormous. Dr Peter Carter calls it

the worst crime ever committed against humanity.


SMHI and the Swedish Climate Policy Council have both the knowledge and the capacity to highlight the truth

and lead the country on a new course.