President JF Kennedy used the extensive research on

Groupthink and was able to radically improve the quality of all decisions.

The simple trick is to get off  lemming train and start thinking independently.


Anyone who spends a week thinking for themselves will find the truth.






Forget what   IPCC says about Zero Emissions 2050

and +2C in 2100. Reset  your thinking.


Work with strict scientific facts only . There are many paths that

lead to the truth about the climate.


One path is this:

The image shows the Earth's temperature at different CO2 levels (200-400 ppm CO2).

The cloud of points is data from ice cores half a million years back in time.


The dots that stand out  (the stick) are all NASA measurements

of the Earth's temperature, 1900-2021.




Why do all the old measurements give a cloud of points

Why do all new measurements give a stick ?

In this simplicity hides the fascinating answer!


Put this picture on your wall and think for a week !


From here you will get our true situation,

The slope of the stick tells us that the delay between new CO2

and global temperature is about 700 years


The inclination of the cloud tells us that the earth is increasing its temperature

by 36 C for every doubling of CO2 levels.

The climate sensitivity cs is 36 and not 3 as the IPCC claims.


By calculating with climate sensitivity = 3, the IPCC  completely fails

to get the forecasts right.

This is shown in detail in the new book along with the mathematical proofs.


It is the biggest dilemma of our time:

most people don't have the time or nerve to focus a

week to reach their own, true picture of reality.


A picture that will save civilization if every average person takes this

challenge. Just like Greta says: It is the people who

will save us, not all the experts and politicians who don't

lift a finger but still are paid for the task.


Most, almost all, even scientists, prefer the comfort

of Groupthink. You don't leave the lemming train because you

risk losing salary, research grants, status etc.


In that case, the demise of civilization is imminent.

This madness can be avoided.