Professor M. Mille (born in year 3000) looks back at the

scientific earthquake of 2020-2030

which brought a whole new way of thinking.

This solved the climate crisis in its entirety at the very last moment.


General Report  year 3025

from the EUS Commissioner for Climate Action, Professor M. Mille






Looking back at the last 1400 years:


As we know, the years 2020-2030 were the most critical in human history.

If the 'scientific earthquake' had not occurred at that time, tens of

million years of laborious and unique development on Earth would have been wiped out.


Academia played a central role through two global errors in thinking:


1.The wrong value of climate sensitivity made it impossible to understand the climate.


2. Clausius gave us the concept of Entropy in 1865, a theoretical concept

that confused thermodynamicists for 150 years and blocked future technologies

including all workable climate solutions.


All this is a repeat of  year 1850. Dr. Semmelweis was an obstetrician.

He wrote to all professors of medicine throughout Europe urging them

to wash their hands before surgery. He was laughed at and fired from his job.

The press sided with the professors, but ordinary people and midwives

managed to win the battle against the professors and the press. This has saved  

the lives of millions of young mothers-to-be.


The scientific earthquake before 2030 came with the rescue

when ordinary people and politicians started to understand the bigger picture

and forced profound changes, starting in the academic sector.

This new, transformative knowledge also brought help to billions of people in

deepest misery and distress due to climate change.


The two most important pieces of the puzzle of human history are beginning to fall into place:


Ref 1. It was Prof. Johan Rockström who coined the term "scientific earthquake"

2020-07-18 in SVD. Quote:

Swedish climate policy, the EU's climate law, and the global Paris Agreement are based on

the assumption of a climate sensitivity of 3 degrees.

But right now this is shaken by a scientific earthquake.



Ref 2: It was Prof. Phil Attard who ended 150 years of darkness in thermodynamics

with his book "Beyond entropy", which opened the path to the future. Quote:


The second law of thermodynamics - entropy increases - is arguably the most fundamental law of nature,

And yet entropy itself is a mystery, a cause of confusion and misunderstanding. How can it be possible that something so fundamental and

universal,.... is so difficult to understand? I blame Clausius, who in the mid-19th century took the initiative to define entropy as the integrated

heat flow divided by the temperature. It is undoubtedly mathematically and quantitatively correct, but it offers nothing in terms of

clarifying the nature of entropy. It obscures it, and it is no wonder

that anyone approaching entropy from this point of view should be confused. This definition has made entropy an enigma, and the

mystique surrounding it has given rise to a belief in the magical power of the second law of thermodynamics.

For many, it is an act of faith to accept   without questioning it.