Future emissions

The IPCC shows with these curves that future warming depends solely on emissions

and that the whole climate crisis can be solved when emissions go to zero.

This is wrong because the IPCC does not take into account existing CO2 and methane, which

are causing almost all the warming.


If the IPCC curve is compressed to almost zero altitude (C) then we are getting closer to the truth.

One year of emissions is only about 1% of what already exists and its thermal effect is drawn

out over 700 years. Therefore, emissions over the next 30 years matter minimally.

The curve should then be pushed down into the yellow field.

Here we see roughly how much NetZero 2050 (or not NetZero) can do.

Remove or add the yellow area and see the difference.


The only climate policy that can work is about developing with lightning speed

the technology needed to remove 200 Gt CO2/year from the grey field

and 2 Gt of methane/year from the blue field. During the Glasgow meeting, nothing else must

be discussed if the meeting is to be successful.