How not to solve the climate change problem



Twitter Wolfgang Knorr:

1ppm of CO2 = 7.8 billion tons. CO2 gone from 280 to 420ppm, adding >2 ppm per year. Even at a wildly optimistic 100$/ton, its costs 780 billion $ to lower CO2 by just 1 ppm: Actually, it costs twice, because of CO2 released in response by ocean and land.


Twitter Bengt Ovelius

There is 3000 Gton CO2 too much in sea +air. Fixing the entire problem will cost

(420-280)* 780*10^9= 109 200 b$

Same tech. can extract 2 Gton Methane/year. This fuel can sell at >$3 / kg.

The profit is higher than the CO2 cost. This can be done and there is no other way.