IPCC errors


Most dangerous

Future emissions

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"The IPCC reports show unequivocally that climate change is happening and that it is caused by humans ",

says IPCC head Hoesung Lee to DN.


That's why he wants to shift the focus from what causes climate change - to solutions.




Nevertheless, it is important to review the IPCC's estimates because they

are the basis for the solutions



It looks like all the miscalculations come from the same source:

The IPCC's erroneous climate sensitivity = cs = 3


It is only a matter of counting boxes to see that the climate sensitivity during the last

half million years was around 36.  (not 3 )


The IPCC that calculates with cs=3 has placed itself outside reality.

That's why most predictions are wrong.








Glasgow conference Nov 2021 risks being worthless unless foundations of NetZero are clarified


Wind+Sun+Water+ElectricCars....... etc will only solve 1% of the global climate crises.

The rest 99% must be solved by the next generation climate technology that reverses greenhouse effect.


See examples here