Klimatpolitiska 2022 Eng

Failure for the swedish government when the Climate Policy Council presented its report


2022 0316


Another report from the Climate Policy Council gives the government

fail. Current policies are not enough to achieve climate goals -

which DN has previously shown to be insufficient in itself.


Now the Council is calling for an acceleration of climate policy.


The climate transition has reached cruising speed, but at the current rate

Sweden will not meet the targets. Therefore, a transition policy is needed that leads to



This is the Climate Policy Council's summary assessment of the government's climate policy.


- There is one word that is central: acceleration. We need a

acceleration and it is possible, says the Climate Policy Council.

Johan Kuylenstierna, President of the Climate Policy Council.


Kristina Östman of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation comments to DN:


- It is yet another proof that the government is not doing enough for

Sweden to reach its climate targets on time and become the world's first fossil-free

welfare country. We believe that Sweden must achieve near-zero emissions already

2030 if we are to live up to our commitments in the Paris Agreement. A

ban by 2030 is therefore absolutely essential and it is a

example of how the government can show leadership.



Bengt Ovelius, comments:

Overarching issue:


The world's leading climate scientist Prof. James Hansen argues that

climate sensitivity=cs=6

and this is supported by the world's heaviest climate models;

The Hadley model from MetOffice and

UK American NCAR's model CESM2, USA


In that case:

If the whole world follows the ambitious plan of the Nature Conservancy

so that the entire world is truly emission-free by 2030, then

the Earth follows the Green Line. The Paris Agreement falls in 2035.

This calculation can be followed down to the last detail here


and anyone can use our climate calculator. It only remains for

climate experts to confirm that this calculation is correct.


The alternative is for the climate experts to produce a similar calculator

so that the Swedish people and our politicians for the first time get an answer

based on precise mathematics and science, what happens in the event of

zero emissions.




The most important conclusion of the whole climate work is that global temperature

does NOT stop when emissions are stopped.


NetZero policies are not working as promised by the IPCC+SMHI.


Not even Zero Emissions 2022 can save the Paris Agreement or provide a workable future

for our young people. When will we have an honest, open, democratic discussion about this ?

When will the press dare to touch the most important point in the whole climate debate?