Mathematics for young people


Dr Peter Carter was an expert reviewer for the UN Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).


He has written the book Unprecedented Crime with Elizabeth Woodworth.

Perhaps the world's foremost climate scientist, Prof James Hansen wrote the foreword.

So the credibility is in the international top league.


Dr Peter Carter says: In conclusion, the IPCC has manipulated climate policy's

most crucial figure, climate sensitivity, making it wrong and exposing the future

to climate catastrophe. The difference between a climate sensitivity of 3°C and 4.5°C is life and death

for our future and all life.



What is climate sensitivity? Example:

If the climate sensitivity is 3C , the Earth gets +3C warmer for every doubling of CO2.


Is Dr Carter right ? It has to be part of the school curriculum how easy it is for

every child to calculate the warming of the Earth for themselves. This figure affects their entire future.

If every child understands how it works, they have the knowledge to save their own future.


As soon as young people come into contact with Excel at school, this interesting and educational

calculation can be made:



We simulate the climate from 1960 to 2023 with our own model, where we

freely choose the climate sensitivity and the time lag between the new CO2 level and the new global temperature






First, the "oven temperature"  (committed temperature) is determined using the very definition of climate sensitivity.

Any climate sensitivity can be set in the yellow field





The actual warming of the Earth is driven by the difference between the oven temperature and the Earth's temperature.

The main brake on global warming is water, i.e. the oceans.

The contribution to warming is therefore the area under the curve formed by the oven temperature, i.e. furnace temperature * time,

divided by the time constant.








The two boxes of formulas can then be copied down to the year 2023





Now our mathematical model is ready to go and we can compare with the NASA real measurements

We then see that climate sensitivity =36 C and time RC=700 years give us an almost perfect match

with NASA's actual measurements of the Earth's  temperature anomaly





We can now test with all possible climate sensitivities and time lags.


Everyone can then conclude for themselves: is Dr Carter right?


When many people start simulating and thinking, it comes out

many additional improvements in this way of calculating.


The important conclusion is: Is the NetZero policy enough or must CO2 be sucked out of the atmosphere with

hundreds of Gtons per year ? Even these answers are easy to get with the above calculations as a basis.



The entire excel file is here . climate-education.xlsx