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Books describing the theory of the reality that is revealed

when we take Dr Peter Carter seriously and leave the IPCC manipulation behind.




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Climate calculator:

This unique calculator can calculate all climate sensitivities between 3 and 50

and it's easy to see the consequences for global warming.

It also calculates how much CO2 needs to be removed from the atmosphere per year

to meet various policy targets.

It also clearly shows the impact of  NetZero 2050 at all different climate sensitivities


The starting point is an ordinary differential equation that links the different concepts.


Since it is difficult to get a javascript-based calculator to solve differential equations,

the calculator is based on the symbolic solution of the above diff equation instead:


In this way, a complicated formula can drive a calculator that is playfully easy to use.

With this tool, a climate policy can be designed that really works.

The calculator is easy to use and it  also clearly shows the effect of current

NetZero  2050-policy  at all different levels of climate sensitivity.


We believe that the calculator shows the whole "forbidden" area that the IPCC hides from us.

This forbidden area is in climate sensitivities above 3 and then you also see the time delays

of 100s of years, which the IPCC has written down to almost zero. Suddenly the climate maths makes sense

and you can make accurate predictions. Using this method, we made a forecast for 2008-2022

which turned out to be accurate, while the IPCC's forecast, which everyone knows by heart,

failed  (+2C in 2100).   That's why this tool is essential for every climate policy makers.





Available here in Sweden as an application for Windows (7,....10)

$ 390   Will appear in US Fastspring, if requested.