New Book

New book: short summary of the whole book in this slide:

(Only in swedish so far. Will be released in english if there is interest)


The big square is 3000 Gtons "too much" in the atmosphere. All of this

must go, preferably within 20 years. These 3000 Gtons have been accumulating ever since the 18th century.

The barely visible square by the arrow is the 40 Gt of CO2 emitted

every year on Earth. If we emit twice as much or nothing at all

the difference is barely measurable in temperature by 2050...

Further Explanation....





The vast amount of 3000 Gt already in existence is causing the Earth to now

rising by 0.035 C/year (=NASA). The Zero Emissions 2050 policy cannot

affect this 0.035 C/year very much. After that line we reach +1.5 C

in 2027 and +2C in 2033, whatever we do under current climate policy. About

all emissions are stopped today, the Earth will still continue at 0.035 C/year.


The idea supported by SMHI and IPCC, that emissions control the Earth's

temperature, is wrong. The large amount of 3000 Gt that already exists, is

is equivalent to the Earth being in an oven with a temperature of 22-25 C. This heat

is transferred to the Earth in 25/0.035 = 700 years. When we are at

this line, everything is correct and accurate predictions are possible.


This will have to be discussed by ordinary people in the next few days, if

if it is to be fully discussed long before Glasgow.


We were in exactly the same situation when Galileo declared that the Earth was

round in 1633. The whole of mainstream science raged against him for 300



Now it's time to take responsibility. If a single percent of atmospheric methane is added

to fossil fuels, they become climate neutral. This can be achieved quite quickly.

We can't wait until 2050 to become climate neutral.

Climate neutrality must happen as early as 2025 if the Paris Agreement is to be saved.

If we take this seriously, the laws of nature will dictate what we must achieve.


There is a chance this can happen if the collective expertise can

think in new ways at breakneck speed. (or be replaced ...)


All focus must be put on pumping out 200 Gt of CO2 or 2 Gt of methane from

atmosphere per year.


When this goes according to plan, this technology will take 99% of the responsibility for repairing

the atmosphere. The atmosphere must be totally repaired within 20 years. Only with this

rate can the Paris Agreement be saved.


Wind power, solar power, electric cars - all of these are brilliant but these technologies can

together solve more than 1% of the climate crisis.


That is why investment must be guided by the overall benefits.


Current climate policy may realistically be able to reduce emissions by 2 Gtonnes/year

given all the countries that are not on board.


We need to go 100 times further and cut back by 200 Gt/year


The time for wishful thinking is over.


Right now we are choosing

1.A smart and comfortable transition with a greatly increased quality of life

2.A bottomless misery with Zero Emissions 2050 - the cheat solution that is an insult to our children.


The SMHI and IPCC currently recommend option 2.

Let's hope it changes quickly.

These organisations are needed.


The only way out is innovations the world has never seen before.

Many of the solutions already exist but are being resisted with great force.

The book focuses on the happy and fantastic ways out that must not be discussed

today, because this challenges Groupthink. President JF Kennedy devoted

to applying the psychological science of Groupthink...

with brilliant results. The book describes the psychology behind the knots that

threatening our future.