The entire climate action in three simple steps, A,B,C :


These are the three basic steps needed to make a comfortable transition into a world in balance:


A. Earth can be seen as placed in an oven. Oven temperature depends on the concentration of CO2 in air.

B. The heating of earth is delayed by several hundred years.

C. The real temperature of earth determines how fast CO2 has to be removed from the atmosphere.

The removal device can be a  nano-technology funnel.





A. CO2 controls oven temperature



B.  Oven temperature + Delay controls real temperature




C. Real temperature controls removal Gton CO2/year



We can unfortunately see that climate neutrality at 2025 is no solution.

Climate Neutrality 2050 is still more useless.

The entire climate politics is on the wrong path.

It is urgent to act and create a working plan.



The big fork in the road:


1. If the mathematical derivation above is wrong then the expertise is kindly asked

to put a finger on the error and explain the truth with crystal clear mathematics.



2. If the mathematical derivation above is correct, the laws are nature are talking:

Then it is just to surrender with a humble mind and accept the next challenge:

Systematically search innovative creativity  that can be compared to nothing in the history of humanity.


We are approaching what Bill Gates said: Create something gigantic and do it faster than ever.

With the truth as foundation, it is possible to do an innovative quality job

and totally resolve the climate crises.


This will give us new technology that we can not even imagine today.

The solution hides in the nanotechnology.


Present climate politics with climate neutrality 2050  rushes towards a total disaster

and we already know the timetable.  Everything above +1.5C will be dangerous

and a majority of all countries have agreed to follow the Paris Agreement.


In the Eemian age around 129,000 years ago, earth had 285 ppm CO2 and

+2C over temperature. Ocean was 10 m higher and super storms could move

1000 ton heavy boulder. That will destroy transportation, buildings and agriculture.

The Paris Agreement is about avoiding exactly that, no matter the cost.






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