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Regarding James Hansen:

References are given to the extremely important paper "Pipeline"

This paper has been translated into Swedish. My comment:

This may be the most important thing done in climate science


Pipeline: https://www.ppm.today/netzero/index.html?global-warming-sw.htm

Appendix https://www.ppm.today/netzero/index.html?2022_1213_sw.htm

This has led to the latest newsletter 2023 1027




Hansen emphasizes the importance of global dimming.


If this is combined with my own conviction that the climate sensitivity

is the same now as in the last 1 mil. years (cs=36)

then this picture (below)  emerges in our simulator.


The black curve is NASA measurements of global temperature anomaly.

Various scientific reports from Israel and Australia suggested already

around 2003 that global dimming takes a considerable part of the solar radiation,

It's still not getting colder, thanks to the greenhouse effect.


This is an excerpt from a BBC report of January 13, 2005.






Here the climate experts have the most important job in the whole climate debate.

Prof. James Hansen also calls for more satellites because there is

too little data to get an accurate grasp of this,


If we weigh the above info with our own simulator,

the earth has already reached +2.5C or more, but we only see +1.2 due to

that global dimming dampens the real temperatures that NASA measures.

The red curve is Business As Usual and the green one

is the temperature response to stopping all emissions in 2025.

Thus, it is also clear that current climate policy NetZero is totally ineffective

because a perfect global implementation of this policy produces a

curve that lies between red and green, with a strong tendency towards red.

Current world politics does not seem to have any awareness of this

because the IPCC's erroneous value of climate sensitivity (=3)

has permeated almost everywhere and has influenced scientists' projections

and the design of climate laws.


Sucking away 200 Gton of CO2 per year seems to repair the Earth's atmosphere

completely in 20 years. No other climate policy has a chance to succeed.






This sketch is also consistent with the BBC article predicting a possible +10C by 2100.

The same catastrophic results occur if all emissions are stopped by 2025.

Therefore, all climate discussion should be about how to suck away 200 Gton CO2/year.  

No other issue can save us. Win or lose.


The amount of particles in the atmosphere has been increasing over a long period of time and this effect results in a strong cooling of the Earth.

At the same time, the greenhouse effect has increased significantly, offsetting most of the cooling.


Wind power, solar power and particle filters are expected to provide a period

when the particle effect is reduced. Even from this point of view, CO2 must be

sucked away in enormous quantities to balance a clearer air.