How long are we going to pretend that we can meet the climate targets?


In just over 20 years, greenhouse gas emissions must be zero.

Emissions must be reduced by 10% every year until 2050.

So far, they have fallen by around 1% a year in the most ambitious

countries. This is an impossible plan.


Many countries refuse to follow this or any other plan.

There are countries that risk internal collapse when energy disappears.

Better to burn coal than risk this.


Whichever way you look at NetZero, the bottom line is:

This will not work.


So something completely different has to emerge where a limited number of

responsible countries can do the whole job.

Gas separation on a huge scale and with new technologies is the only way forward.


The methane extracted in the process can pay a large part of the bill.

Those countries that take responsibility can reap huge rewards in terms of knowledge

and free energy that could double GDP


Biggest obstacle: Groupthinkers who oppose anything new


Biggest opportunity: the People, who can make this happen because all

power emanates from the people (constitution)  

Who wants to form a Zero-Zero party that builds politics on climate truth ?