Problem and Solution

Climate Neutrality 2050 will only solv 0.6% of the problem.




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IPCC has given the world climate sensitivity=3

Earth increases its temperature by 3C för every doubeling och CO2 concentration.

The true value is 36 and it is proved by simple steps in this video.  


We must listen to the science

but the science must listen to the laws of nature.


This video is a draft of a totally different climate view

that gives a totally different climate politics.


We can invent the future we want  (Vinod Khosla)

We must do something gigantic in a shorter time than ever before. (Bill Gates)


No gigantic inventions are possible until we understand the very problem.

A medical doctor also needs a true diagnosis before operation.


Here is the diagnosis, step by step:


CO2 is a greenhouse gas.

The concentration can be measured in ppm.

Our present 420 ppm CO2 means that we have 420 liters of CO2 in one

million liters of air. From NASA and other sources we can learn that if

earth ever has 100% CO2 in the atmosphere, then the over temperature

will be 420 C very much like the planet Venus.


Year 1700 at 275 ppm is considered a stable, pre-industrial condition

without over temperature. Now we can use the well known logarithmic

relation between CO2 and temperature anomaly


t= (cs *1.442695041)* ln((ppm)/(275))   cs=36


We can draw this line between the two points and see the line as a rule of thumb

describing earth temperature at any level of CO2.

We also have a cloud of measurements from ice cores covering last half a million

years.  If we place them in the same diagram, they confirm our rule of thumb!

A great confirmation. This lays the foundation for a working climate politics.

This foundation is all we need.







Now we can discover a number of crucial things


1.  Earth has  +22C over temperature at our present 420 ppm CO2


2.   CO2 concentration must fall below 285 ppm before earth temperature can go downwards from a > +2C level.


3.   We know from  NASA measurements that earth real temperture is going

upwards with 0.035 C /year

Then it takes approx  22/0.035 =  600 years to reach +22C if all emissions stop now 2021.

This line has just started and it passes +1.5 C in year 2030  and violates the Paris agreement

if the world is totally emission free.


4. Climate Sensitivity is  36, has always been 36 during the last million years. It will be 36 until earth has 100% CO2


5. IPCC has been wrong for 40 years claiming  climate sensitivity=3 .  That line contradicts the ice cores

and it contradicts the NASA calculation: It will only give +36C  if earth has 100% CO2.

If IPCC had given the planet Venus  climate sensititity =3 than it would be a nice planet to visit.

Also:  +2C at 450 ppm is wrong.  +2C at year 2100 is wrong.  These data has created the climate laws  in Sweden and EU.  Climate Neutrality 2050 will not work.


Here we can see the  expected temperature anomaly from now until 2070, if all emissions are stopped in year 2021




In order to pay respect to the Paris Agreement, temperature must turn downwards  2030.

That can only happen if we have below 285 ppm in year 2030

CO2 must be removed from the atmosphere in a gigantic scale.

The present situation 420 ppm at 2021 must be reduced to  285 ppm in year 2030

Ppm reduction/year = (420-285)/9 = 15 ppm/ year   and it requires  150  Gton /year to be removed

if  1 ppm corresponds to  7.5 Gton + repair of  acidification in oceans





Today there is no technology that can handle 150 Gton CO2/year.

It corresponds to  22 tons of CO2 per person on earth, every year.


New technology is urgently needed that the world has never seen.

This can be solved in many different ways and it is important to evaluate every potential solution.

This project is bigger than 100 moon landings and it must start NOW.


One solution will be described and calculated here:

Nanotechnology and Graphene can do this job.


A funnel on every house with  8 m diameter can capture metan, CO2 and water directly from air.

The funnel delivers 15,000 liter gasoline per year .  (4000 gallons)  at a value of   EUR 30,000 /year.

This fuel can give heat and electricity and all the fuel for the car.

The fuel can also be sold. It is also the best aviation jet fuel.  


Atmospheric methane is 120 times more powerful than CO2 as greenhouse gas.

If you only add 1% atmospheric methane to fossil fuel, it becomes climate neutral.

This paves the road to a very comfortable transformation to a climate neutral world.

Atmospheric methane must become  the most important substance in the climate politics.


The funnel can also deliver  6,480 ton CO2/year


The theoretical amount of water is  9 tons / hour. It can make deserts green and bind enormous quantities of  CO2.


Prova gärna metansimulatorn






The nano technology can be compared with the silicon technology.

Huge investments were needed to reach 1§ million transistors on a small chip.


Gas-separation  with nano technology will also require huge investments.

On top of that, it has to be done fast.

A major part of the climat crises can have a quality solution

and change life to the better for everyone.


This technology should be in full operation before 2025 and process 150 Gton CO2/year


The global plan to reach climate neutrality by 2050 is the best that can be done with the

present IPCC understanding of  climate  and the present technology.

The first major problem is that very few countries will follow this goal.


The total emissions of CO2 today is 43 Gton/year. If 5% of the countries

can reach zero emissions by 2050 then reduction is 43* 0.05 / 2 = 1 Gton/år,



The new technology must handle 150 Gton/år  


Present climate politics and climate neutrality  2050  

that many countries are talking about as a super ambitious goal,

can only handle  1/150 =  0.6 % of the climate recovery task.


This combination is the giant solution that will bring a quality solution and a comfortable

transition to a new world in harmony with the atmosphere.

We can invent the future we want (Vinod Khosla)    Yes , here it is!

We must do something gigantic , faster than ever before (Bill Gates)    Yes, here it is !