Professor James Hansen

James Hansen is probably the world's foremost climate scientist.

That's why I'm particularly pleased to have an agreement with him

to translate his interesting newsletter into Swedish


The latest letter is here





Three climate scientists, James Dyke, Robert Watson and Wolgang Knorr

are three experienced climate scientists who have written a compelling

article. Recommended by Greta and read by many, many people


I have been entrusted by these scientists to translate their article

into swedish.

It is here




Here are the main quotes in the article (swedish)


These professors at the Tyndall Centre in the UK have made one of the most important

video presentations ever : Survivable IPCC projections


The IPCC believes in its latest report that it is enough to slowly bring down

emissions to zero and thus lock the earth at 450-500 ppm CO2.

Then the temperature will stop.


Opposing view:


These scientists have the same view as Prof James Hansen

that the Earth's CO2 must be brought down to a safe level below 300 ppm,

but they say

"There are no research ideas at all with the goal of bringing the atmosphere down

to a safe level"


The transcript of this video is translated into swedish here.

A devastatingly important text that should change the whole climate policy immediately.







From Vostok ice cores we clearly see that dangerous +2C overtemperature has occurred four times

in the last half-million years. This means with high probability that 285 ppm CO2

is a greenhouse effect aiming for +2C overtemperature. It also means that

the Earth must go BELOW 285 ppm CO2 before global temperatures begin to fall.

This issue is the most important of all climate issues and it is not being addressed at all in climate policy.


Both Prof. James Hansen and the professors at the Tyndall Centre try to highlight

this issue, but states :

There are no research ideas at all with the goal

of bringing the atmosphere down to a safe level.





The IPCC has put +2C at 450 ppm CO2 which is a mathematical consequence

of incorrect climate sensitivity=cs=3


Proof that the IPCC calculated this way

t= 1 .442*cs*ln(ppmCO2/275)= +2C cs=3 ppmCO2=450


Climate sensitivity=cs=3 causes the whole climate policy to be wrong.

Anyone can now see with the facts in hand, that this blue IPCC sign is about 70 years wrong,

because the IPCC has been using climate sensitivity=3 for 40 years,

These errors are in the Swedish proposal and in the climate law.

No one reacts. The experts have thrown in the towel and cannot defend

the policy prescribed by the IPCC.

Call on the press and media: get to the bottom of this issue!





There is an analysis of climate sensitivity here and a hypothesis

about the incredible mistake the IPCC is suspected of having made.



If this is true, it could be the biggest and most dangerous

scientific scandal in human history.


Prof. Johan Rockström calls this a coming scientific earthquake



(Pls get in touch if you want an english translation. This might be the best article ever written about Climate Sensitivity)


Calling on the press and media: get to the bottom of this issue too!

Let the scientists behind the IPCC reports respond in an open

honest discussion that leads to true answers. Don't let anyone

get away with refusing to answer. (The most common method is

to sweep the issue under the carpet)


The people have a right to this insight and democracy demands transparency.