Psychology - climate

Groupthink is probably the most important factor in climate work. Understanding is key

to a comfortable and effective solution to the climate threat.


The science of Groupthink is a mature science after extensive research

for almost a century.


The research shows that politics and science are destroyed by Groupthink.

President Kennedy used this knowledge to radically

improve political decision-making. It would be needed now too.


These are probably the two best books, written by leading scientists.

Psychology - climate





All human activities exhibit Groupthink and

Groupthink produces an inertia in the system that often works against truth.


Around 1850, Dr. Semmelweis tried to convince professors,

doctors and clinicians about the importance of washing hands before surgery

or childbirth. Dr. Semmelweis was so vehemently opposed that he

was dismissed from the maternity clinic in Vienna. The press that was

totally enmeshed with the ruling elite wrote scornful articles.

Each of those involved could save thousands of lives by

starting to think for themselves, looking at the simple evidence and welcoming

an open and honest debate. No one had the courage to do that. Everyone preferred

the safety of the blind, primitive lamestream. The judgment of the historians was later harsh.



In today's important climate work, the IPCC has taken the lead in the world,

which is a good thing. But it does so with a lie, which leads to disaster.


The lie is that global temperatures will stop when all emissions are stopped.

Everyone involved could individually save billions of lives by

starting to think independently, looking at the simple evidence and welcoming

No one has the courage to do this. Everyone prefers

the safety of the blind, primitive lemming train. Groupthink destroys both

science and politics and it destroys the ability of the press to respond to

the most important factor in the whole climate debate. This is the knot in which we find ourselves right now.

Time is running out. The judgment of the history writers will be harsh.



How long will the Swedish people accept being led behind the scenes by the above elite, who are forming a blind parade?




When it is clear that global temperatures cannot stop and that Zero Emissions 2045

does not have the intended effect, there is only one way out left: suck CO2 out of

from the atmosphere. Then the most important task for climate experts will be to

tell the world exactly how much CO2 is to be removed and how the earth's

temperature response. All this has so far been blocked by the lie that

dominated the climate conferences and shaped all NetZero policy.


Bill Gates and Vinod Khosla have set out interesting basic principles for

bring about the necessary disruptive innovations.


Today, the true climate understanding that should provide the specification

to the disruptive innovations.


Moreover, all disruptive innovations are resisted because they are by nature



The areas most opposed and least supported are precisely those

areas that are waiting to be our salvation.


We need innovation and leadership of a quality that the world

never seen before. The lemming train must go.

When people are allowed to think for themselves, a new age begins.

Perhaps we can call this "Super-Democracy."


Everything must be based on truth. Then the climate crisis will be solvable.


It is all a fundamental and obvious responsibility for the next generation.


An obvious call to the IPCC, SMHI, Professors, Politicians and the press.

Is there anyone who wants to break out of the paralysis and tell the truth?