Rt Revd Graham Usher

Dear Rt Revd Graham Usher

My background is that I am a swedish Engineer, working with thermodynamic research, and I have had the priviledge to make some interesting inventions.

I have also used  my mathematical tools to look at the climate since 2008 and my conclusion is that NetZero2050 will not work due to a miscalculation in IPCC that will have worldwide consequences when it is soon discovered.  The press don't want to write about it without the approval of IPCC. But it is IPCC that needs to be examined.

In my view it is sad that the Pope and other religious leaders have not demanded more than the false NetZero2050 politics.

Could I ask you to pray for this ? The issue has been blocked from discussion at least for the last 20 years and now Glasgow walks right into the wall.

The enclosed pdf is my personal philosophical and christian reflexions on the issue.


Best regards

Bengt Ovelius

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My published books on the issue



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On 2021-10-18 09:30, Barbara Bryant wrote:

Dear Bengt Ovelius,


Bishop Graham has asked me to acknowledge receipt of your email and attachments. He has asked me to assure you that he – and many others across the Christian faith – are faithfully praying for heart and minds to work together to alleviate the climate crisis as a matter of urgency.


Thanks and blessings,




Dear Rt Revd Graham Usher

Thank you very much for your email.

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers,

against the authorities, against the powers......

John Paul II  used these principles to liberate a Continent 1979.

Is it time again ? Is NetZero a "spiritual power" ? The Pope should be urgently aware of the possibility.

Pope appeal 2021 10 04

Appeal calls for net-zero carbon emissions as soon as possible

Global temperature rise should be limited to 1.5 degrees C.

Pope is expected to attend start of Glasgow meeting

COP26 must respond to "unprecedented ecological crisis"

This appeal looks really good but  there is a hidden problem. NetZero is a trap. Even if we reach NetZero now, temperature will continue as before. The world needs to do much more.   Focusing on NetZero is the trap.

The laws of nature impose on us to remove 200 Gton of CO2 and  2 Gton of Methane per year. There is no other way of limiting temp. to the Paris Agreement of +1.5C. A part of the trap is to make the world believe that NetZero 2050 will make the job. It will make nothing more than distracting from the true path.

The Pope could liberate the world by just asking the simple question:

"Does global temperature really stop when emissions stop ?"

This simple question will reveal the trap and help the world to get  on the true path. Could you help getting this info urgently to the Pope ?

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers,

against the authorities, against the powers......

Pls Pray for this issue ! There is still a couple of weeks to change the Glasgow compass direction. In my opinion our last chance . I have studied the issue for the last 15 years and I can mathematically prove what I claim. It is all in my last book.

Best regards

Bengt Ovelius