Solving the climate issue



Vostok ice data shows that dangerous +2C overtemperature has occurred time and again

at 285 ppm CO2. Therefore, the Earth's temperature cannot reverse downwards until  

the atmosphere returns to 275 ppm CO2 (just like in 1700).

Data on the historical level of the oceans confirm the same thing. Only at 275 ppm CO2

can the oceans be stable and fit the ports and cities in use today.


The only way to get back to 275 ppm is to remove 3700 Gtons of CO2 from the oceans and air.

The temperature will not turn downwards until 3700 Gton is gone.

If we believe that the earth can withstand another 20 years of temperature increases, then

3700/20 = about 200 Gton per year, starting NOW, must be removed.


These measures are a factor of 100 times more powerful than the NetZero policy (which cannot work).


The current, extremely narrow corridor of opinion prevents any creativity in the climate debate.

The current expertise refuses to comment on and develop the above facts,

which drives us into the wall of no return. The NetZero policy is a dangerous trap.

Current experts are not doing their job and are thus complicit in the worst crime  

ever committed against humanity. (Ref Dr. Peter Carter)


The climate crisis is worse than most people think and the solutions required

are science fiction, on a level never seen before. This is our only

chance and time is running out....

With new thinking, the climate crisis can be solved...

provided the dangerous traps are removed quickly. This discussion should fill the

press and politics now as time is running out.


1.First trap ,

The Group-Think Trap, prevents us from thinking independently.

President J.F. Kennedy noted that groupthink destroys politics

and science. Independent thinking produced radically better policy decisions.

The most important book for journalists, politicians and scientists could be:

"Groupthink in Science, David Allen" No other knowledge

is more important for solving the climate crisis. The book shows that it is a lack of

of independent thinking that causes all the other traps.



2.The second trap,

the Ethics Trap, prevents us from seeing clearly what is right, wrong, good, evil.

Morals, values, principles, are often based on religion, culture and literature.

A single example: With the second greatest work of world literature,

Goethe's Faust, the reader is given a picture of what it means to sell one 's

soul to the devil. Dr. Faust was given all the riches of life in exchange for

serve the devil for all eternity after death. The world's leading climate scientist

Prof. James Hansen, has used this image in one of his newsletters.

Those scientists, contrary to Hansen, who give us an inaccurate picture of  

climate can be suspected of creating lies for money. Perhaps  

people understood this much more in the 18th century.

Those who emphasize a false view of climate are guilty of the worst

crime ever committed against humanity, according to Dr. Peter Carter. The value of

climate sensitivity is of central importance. Ethics also means intellectual

honesty. Professors being able to admit when they are wrong instead of

just slipping away in silence. However, most of them seem to want to save face

rather than saving the next generation.


3.The third trap, the climate sensitivity trap, prevents us from understanding the climate .

The IPCC and SMHI give us the wrong value for climate sensitivity. This means that we do

not understand the climate and the forecasts and climate laws are wrong. Scientists

use the wrong values in their calculations.

Ref: Peter Carter, An unprecedented crime (Foreword James Hansen)


4. The fourth trap, the Entropy Trap, prevents us from developing future technologies.

Rudolf Clausius (1822-1888) created the concept of entropy, and

second law of thermodynamics in 1865. This became an axiom

that would form the basis of all thermodynamics. He forgot

the more important half of reality and thereby blocked all the technology

to shape the future and solve the climate crisis.

The great scientist Maxwell realized the historic mistake 6 years later.

He wrote in despair:

"My only purpose in life is to show that the second law of thermodynamics  can indeed be broken.

Every physicist since Victorian times (since 1837) has to  collapse in the deepest humiliation."

Ref: Maxwell's duplicitous demon, the life and science of James Clerk Maxwell, Brian Clegg, page 10


Professor Phil Attard, Sydney, finally opens the door to the future 150 years later:

See "Entropy Beyond the Second Law", Phil Attard. He provides a

fascinating theoretical analysis of what Rudolf Clausius missed.


If Maxwell was alive today, he would probably say: All professors of

Thermodynamics must collapse into the deepest humiliation

because they have continued to block future technology for >150 years.

Maxwell would probably quote his friend Attard: The second law of thermodynamics is

nothing more than superstition, a spell to hypnotize the gullible,  

an incantation to be memorized and repeated

with the mind closed to further possibilities and new applications.

In fact, systems where entropy is spontaneously reduced are common.


Our entire civilization is built on Entropy and the second law.

It is thus built  on superstition, a spell, in order to

hypnotize the gullible. Once we free ourselves from the Entropy trap,

technology will look completely different - in harmony with nature.




A much more in-depth analysis of the four traps can be

available on request.






James Clerk Maxwell was not only one of the three greatest scientists of all time.

He also had a deeply Christian faith. Much has been written about his empathy and kindness.

Despite his goodness: at one point he grew furiously angry:

"May every physicist since Victorian times (since 1837) collapse in the deepest humiliation".


Maxwell saw that the professors of the time were putting their faith in

the second law of thermodynamics,

a superstition, a spell, that closes the mind to the physics of the future.

This lock has been in effect for 150 years now.

Today's professors may also collapse in the deepest humiliation

if they do not take their responsibility and shake off the four traps.


The IPCC has created one of the traps, which must be overcome.


The climate crisis is solvable but time is running out.