If we go 2000 years ahead in time

you can read this in the history books:


The Earth lived through 300 years of oil from 1700 - 2000+.

Oil brought such great benefits that countries, peoples and governments became happily intoxicated.

Through the ice cores you could see that the climate sensitivity was 36 all along, 500,000 years back.

So the Earth rises 36C in temperature for every doubling of CO2 content.


Yet in their drunken denial, IPCC calculated climate sensitivity = 3 for the entire critical period.

A mathematically precise consequence was that they thought they could solve the crisis

by becoming climate neutral by 2045. A correct calculation gives the absolute last year =2025

and immediately thereafter reverse  with 200 Gton/year. The Paris Agreement requires exactly this.


When the intoxication started to wear off, it was time to say "Sorry For The Party"

Then you saw that already 1895 had a dangerous CO2 level that would lead to disaster 700 years later

if all emissions had been stopped in 1895.


The carbon budget ended 1895. Now carbon emission trade takes place with something that

doesn't  exist.



If we go back 2000 years, you can read this.


REV18-3 For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of

her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed

fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed

rich through the abundance of her delicacies.


If we look back 200 years

we find the second greatest work of world literature: Goethe's Faust.

It's about Faust selling his soul to the devil in order to achieve unlimited wealth.

The price is to serve the devil for all eternity after death.

Faust was published in 1808. The myth itself originated in Germany in the 16th century

and first appeared in print in 1587 under the title Historia von D. Johann Fausten.

In Goethe's drama, the story is expanded into a parable that applies to all of humanity.

The philosophical question is whether the fate of humanity was better foreseen

in the 16th century than we do today.


Perhaps the world's foremost climate scientist Prof James Hansen attaches this image

to his latest report as a sign of the enormous seriousness that scientists now see.

Our very existence is at stake and the IPCC gives us the wrong value for climate sensitivity which

making virtually all projections wrong. The new book analyses this and

shows the evidence.


The picture is about Faust selling his soul to the devil to achieve unlimited

wealth right now.





However you think about it from a philosophical perspective, the truth intrudes.

There are overwhelmingly strong reasons to say "Sorry For The Party"

Time has already run out and we must do the impossible - NOW

The laws of nature do not negotiate with us.


The law is written so that the Swedish Climate Policy Council, with the country's top

experts is not allowed to discuss whether the climate law follows the laws of nature.

It is only allowed to discuss whether the government follows the climate law.

The Climate Act is therefore above the natural laws and may not be questioned.

This is an expression of political arrogance that will be our downfall.


Article 1 The Climate Policy Council shall assess how the Government's overall policy is consistent with the climate targets set by Parliament and the Government.





Summary For Policymakers at cs=36


If we systematically remove all denial, it is possible to write a completely different

"Summary for policymakers".


A climate policy that really works will look very different.

My book explains the precise mathematical consequences of a

true climate sensitivity that corresponds to reality.


It shows that the world must be climate neutral by 2025 and then back down CO2 by 200 Gt/year

Our climate calculator shows exactly what that looks like and these are not loose statements.

The result can be derived with precise mathematics. Anyone who does not believe this is welcome

to point out the possible exact error in the derivation.


The focus must then shift to the next two challenges that make up the whole of climate policy :


1.How to make the world climate neutral by 2025

2.How to back CO2 by 200 Gton/year, starting in 2025 ?


So far, everyone in positions of responsibility has resisted discussion of a true climate vision.

This lacks the foundation for the innovations that should have been in place decades ago.


So far, everyone in positions of responsibility has resisted innovations that involve really big steps.

Just the kind of innovations that Bill Gates and Vinod Khosla are discussing.

One such discussion took place in April 2015 at Chalmers University, Sweden.

People in positions of responsibility

in the Swedish Energy Agency swept this under the carpet.


Let's assume the same thing is repeated hundreds of times.


We have a systemic failure that systematically sweeps under the carpet all that is new thinking,

that which is outside of Groupthink, that which will be our salvation.


When will the leaders stand up and declare that the emperor is naked?


Or to return to the original theme:

How long will people and governments continue to be happily drunk?



The climate crisis will be resolved when


1.GroupThink and prestige disappear

2.Everything is built on precise mathematical truth




The solution?



In 1633, Galileo Galilei was accused of believing that the Earth was round.

The press* didn't dare mention this because the entire elite of the world thought the Earth was flat.

Discussion was completely forbidden. It would be 300 years before the Catholic Church recognised that Galileo was right.

Galileo, for his part, argued that God had endowed man with feeling, logic and intellect and that these gifts  should be used.



We can additionally lean on the words of Vinod Khosla:

"We can invent the future we want......"


So this predicament can be overcome if a lot of things change

very quickly,