The fork in the road



A trap is always designed to be wiser than the prey.

So far, only three professors seem to have figured out parts of the trap.

But it took these highly qualified scientists 80 years of joint

efforts to begin to guess how this ingeniously dangerous trap is constructed.


The trap consists of the theoretical concept of Climate Sensitivity=3 from the IPCC

which tricks the world's professors into miscalculating the climate.

This is humanity's biggest and most dangerous miscalculation.

The error lures us right into the trap that looks so good on the surface.

The trap is called "Zero Emissions 2050". (NetZero)

It leads us to disaster with no return.

There is a better way.  The Glasgow meeting must find that better way.

Everyone must help.


Otherwise, this is all we have to offer our own children.




The end of civilization will  then be explained by the fact that tens of thousands

scientists and professors in the IPCC failed to accomplish the simple task

of determining the correct climate sensitivity.


Hence, all calculations were wrong and the world did not understand the gravity of the situation.



There is hope because

most schoolchildren can do the simple task of counting squares and estimating

how much the Earth warms up when CO2 levels double.


Then you get climate sensitivity = 20 to 40 and the way is open

for a workable climate policy.