The only possible solution ?

This discussion is important and crucial for climate policy:



(Note that the black scale is Gton CO2 and not years )


In 1700, the Earth had 275 ppm CO2 and 2060 Gtons CO2 in the atmosphere. (if 1 ppm equals 7.5 Gton)

In 1895 the Earth had 285 ppm CO2 and 2100 Gt CO2

From the ice cores we know that 285 ppm repeatedly occurred at the same time as dangerous +2C

So the difference between the perfect CO2 level and the dangerous level in 2100-2060 is about 40 Gton






If a miracle were to happen so that the Earth's atmosphere is repaired and restored in an instant

to 275 ppm CO2, it would only take 40 Gton to reach a long-term dangerous level again.

Annual emissions are 40 Gton. So a perfect earth would be destroyed in 12 months with current emissions.


So the Earth's CO2 budget is well below 40 Gt and it ran out in 1895.

That there is any budget left now at 420 ppm  is a lie.


It shows how important it is to reach 275 ppm and that net emissions are zero.

This must be the hallmark of a responsible climate policy; anything else is cheating.


So there are two important targets:


1.Force emissions to zero (NetZero 2050)

2.Force 420 ppm down to 275 ppm


Simple mathematics shows that 1% of the climate crisis can be solved by point 1, NetZero

and the remaining 99% can be solved by point 2


Therefore 99% of climate policy must be about removing about 200 Gt/year through gas separation.


Therefore 99% of Glasgow must be about the whole world agreeing to invent this gas separation

that removes about 200 Gt/year. This technology must be fully operational by 2025 if the Paris Agreement is to be saved.  Simple maths proves all this.


Suppose that fossil fuels have given each country 100 GDP in terms of wealth, buildings, bridges etc......

all since 1700. Now perhaps 1 GDP remains as a residual bill to clean up after the party.


For Sweden, this means that 5000 billion SEK  must be invested from government and industry to solve

the problem within about 2 years,  in international cooperation.


Climate Minister Bolund stresses that the climate solution is "Innovation and Cooperation".

This is exactly right.


Calculate it !   Probably this is the only possible solution.

When this new technology reaches only 5% of its final capacity, it will probably outperform

all NetZero2050 activities - which can then be shut down. Then one can also easily

accept cement factories and other things that naturally produce CO2.


Then the transition to a new world can be made with maximum convenience and increasing wages.


Then it will also become apparent that other values  that can be collected directly from thin air,

with nanotechnology not yet invented, will make the whole gas separation process a brilliant profit.


Fuel in the form of methane can solve countries' energy problems.

Water directly from the air, separated by nanotechnology - the likes of which the world has never seen -

can irrigate deserts and sequester vast amounts of CO2.


The resources available in the air can be tested here.





Now that it can be proven that NetZero 2050 is a completely ineffective policy

all the evidence suggests that gas separation on a gigantic scale is the only viable solution.


There are only two choices here: Win or disappear.

Do the math and think ! This is probably the only survivable solution.