The risk of Glasgow failing


SVT Erika Bjerström (Swedish Television)

2021 1012 15.20


Disappointed and desperate


...Judging by what the countries promised before coming to the negotiating table

there is nothing..., to suggest that COP26 in Glasgow will be

a success. The question is what happens next, when hundreds of thousands of

disappointed and desperate young people lose faith in the weak, slow

political processes. Will the wild flurry of calls for

anti-democratic actions, from both the far right and left,

gain more followers? ................



Comment on the SVT article:


We can only build a true climate policy on truth.

Unfortunately, truth is in short supply right now.


It must become clear that global temperatures do not stop when emissions stop.

Temperatures are driven by the fact that there are 3000 Gt too much CO2 accumulated

over 300 years.


Annual emissions are only 1% of what is already there and it is 700 years to full

temperature impact. You can't control global temperature with emissions

because emissions have no effect on temperature in the short term

but have a major impact in the long term. Short term is <100 years, long term is >700 years.


The 3000 Gt already in place will have full effect, about +22C in 700 years.

That journey has now started and we have reached +1.2C - an unexpectedly

difficult level. The journey can only be interrupted if  3000 Gtons are reduced quickly.


The message given by the IPCC in the graph below from the last report, is a complete lie.

These curves have no scientific basis whatsoever. This lie is needed to make the world

NetZero2050 climate policy to work.  The evidence has been requested from the

IPCC for 14 years and SMHI  had the chance to present

the evidence for the curves below, but wriggled out of it. The most important curves

in the whole climate debate. The basis for Zero Emissions 2050

You are asking for a calculation............It is about more than a single calculation......SMHI does not intend to comment further


SMHI =The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute is a Government agency in Sweden

and operates under the Ministry of the Environment.



Evidence on this website and in the new book.


NetZero 2050 cannot work because global reductions until 2050 are at best

can only be 300 Gton.


At the same time, the Earth's temperature increase cannot go BELOW 0.035 C/year caused

by the 3000 Gt of CO2 that already exists. Temperatures CANNOT stop when

emissions are stopped. Go out on the street and ask anyone. Everyone understands this after

a few minutes of discussion and reflection.


Much tougher action is needed. What all politicians want to push closer to 2100

must be done NOW. Glasgow can only succeed if all discussions are about this.


The only chance to save the Paris Agreement is to suck out 200 Gt CO2/year starting

by 2025 at the latest. At this rate, moreover, the entire atmosphere will be repaired in 20 years.


It's pretty simple math that drives all this. Unfortunately, the calculations require

the correct value of about 36 on climate sensitivity.


The IPCC+SMHI have for 40 years only calculated with the incorrect value cs=3 and can

simply cannot perform the maths required to find the correct solution.


You can't calculate the circumference of a circle if you don't know the number pi.


IPCC+SMHI cannot get the above curves right until they know

the correct climate sensitivity (about 36 ) and the true time constant between CO2 and temp (about 700 years)

Out of prestige they stick to climate sensitivity=3 and force the world to go

straight into the wall. It is more important to save the face of various experts

than to save our young people. Please see the discussion with SMHI.


A collection of professors at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences even claim.

that climate sensitivity is 2.3


Johan Rockström has attacked these professorsin SVD.


These professors reinforce their own view by choosing a Nobel Prize winner in 2021

Professor Syukuro Manabe, who 40 years ago arrived at a climate sensitivity of 2.3


Professor Syukuro Manabe and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in collaboration

are probably guilty of 241 years of miscalculation of the +2C level at the most critical

time in human history. Proof here.


The Nobel Prize gives global credibility to the largest and most dangerous miscalculation in human history.


Comments have been requested and are published here.


1. Professor Syukuro Manabe

2. The Royal Academy of Sciences


This is apparently not allowed to be discussed and seems to be met with silence.


The laws of nature and mathematics are stronger than the IPCC's miscalculations

Truth always prevails. Let's just hope it happens fast enough.