Tips for journalists

Will global temperatures stop when emissions cease?


This is a question I have been asking for almost 15 years to the very highest leadership

in the world, inculsive the leadership of the IPCC. I have addressed this question almost exclusively to professors.


The unexpected happened at a dinner party. A high school physics teacher at the table said:


It's completely elementary and beyond discussion

that global temperatures will continue at the same rate after emissions cease.

This is worrying when you look at the state of the world's climate policy.


The tip for journalists is to ask this question to many high school physics teachers

and many professors in leading positions on climate change.


If you can statistically determine that high school physics teachers know far more than professors then there is an urgent need to replace all climate professors with high

school physics teachers.

That may be our only chance as a nation to survive the climate crisis.


Two suspicious global lies will determine whether we win or lose.


Lie 1: Climate sensitivity=3 True value 36

Lie 2: Temperature stops. True answer Temperature continues when emissions stop



A perfectly implemented NetZero2050 worldwide gives the green curve

according to IPCC and SMHI.

When the above two lies are cleared, the earth goes by black line instead.

In that case the world's efforts with NetZero before Glasgow are totally ineffective.

The climate crisis can then only be solved if 200 Gtons of CO2 are removed from the atmosphere every year.





In that case we end up with this conclusion:

All professors must be removed who actively or passively prevent the truth from coming out.

Is there any reasonable explanation for the fact that professors know less than secondary school teachers?

Could it be because secondary school teachers are independent while professors are dependent on grants for salary and research. Can journalists investigate this? The most important environmental issue and the most important survival issue for the world ? The answer must be given in good time before Glasgow.


Professors hiding in silence or confirming that the temperature is stagnating contributes to

that this profession is rapidly losing credibility.


They are also complicit in the greatest crime in human history

because it is contributing decisively to the end of civilisation.


World wars are nothing compared to this crime.


What is needed now is civil courage because the truth is the only viable foundation

for a climate solution. This discussion MUST be on the table NOW.


All parties can be wrong. It's human. But as long as discussion is forbidden, we will not move forward

towards a climate solution based on truth. If we don't want to know the truth, then we're in real trouble.



Best regards

Bengt Ovelius