UN is warning

UN warns of record warm year


SVD: 2022 0510: (Svenska Dagbladet, swedish newspaper)

There is a risk of a temporary temperature rise above the 1.5 degree benchmark within the next five years, the UN warns in a report.


The UN says "temporary" because the UN/IPCC has been calculating the wrong climate sensitivity for 40 years

and that, out of sheer prestige, it does not want to present the curve that is a mathematically precise graph of a correct climate sensitivity.


The 1.5 C overtemperature that is very likely to occur in 2027

cannot be avoided on the way up to +2C which will occur around 2033.






Prof. James Hansen shows that +2C may mean that superstorms are able to move

1000 tonne boulders.


Greta says on Twitter:


The probability of one of the next five years exceeding the limit is now 50%

As recently as 2015, there was no chance of this happening in the next five years.

But this rose to 20% in 2020 and 40% in 2021."




These climate experts (more....)

writes in an opinion piece in DN


"It could also lead to a setback for climate work when it turns out that the Earth does not perish  when the 1.5°C target is exceeded, which it most likely will

within a decade or so."


GP(Göteborgsposten, Swedish Newspaper)

Two days From Mao's China to Mölndal 2021 0925

Professor Deliang Chen: We will reach +1.5 C within 20 years


It is startling that the climate professors who are actively participating

in writing the IPCC's climate reports, want to pretend that +1.5 C can be

10,20,...30 years away. Relatively simple calculations show that +1.5C will occur in 2027.  That's 5 years away... and probablity is almost 100%


This raises suspicions of gross misconduct in research.



It is remarkable that the press has not dared to take up this discussion.

We warned the top management of the IPCC in May 2008.

Our forecast for 2008-2022 became correct.

Throughout this time, the Swedish press has refused to address the most important

issue of all in the climate work. We are walking into a wall - no one is reacting.


We can avoid this potential risk if we turn away from the IPCC's lie

and admit the truth just as these professors at the Tyndall Centre UK have done:


We must reverse greenhouse gases on an unimaginable scale, or the Earth will follow RCP8.5 where the oxygen in the air runs out.


The NetZero policy is ineffective (sw) because the temperature is driven by the greenhouse gases already in the oceans and atmosphere. That's about 3000 Gtons too much.


What will be emitted per year going forward is just over 1% of what is already there.

This "small" amount does not have a measurable impact on the process.

The above curve applies whether we stop all emissions today or continue

without restrictions.


Our only chance is much more severe cuts. It can be shown mathematically that if you suck out 200 Gt of CO2 and 2 Gt of methane per year from the atmosphere,

starting before 2025, it is possible to respect the Paris Agreement. There is NO OTHER WAY!  

All politicians who have promised to save the Paris Agreement must know

what is at stake. So climate action must be all about how

develop these innovations that the world has never seen so far.

There is absolutely no other way. (Or if it is - please prove it )


Our only chance is to discuss and expose the lie that the IPCC and SMHI

have been feeding us for too long. This graph from the last IPCC report

says that global temperatures will stop when emissions are stopped.


The truth is that temperatures continue upward almost as fast after zero emissions.

The miscalculation is because the climate experts have deluded themselves by

misjudging climate sensitivity. This is an unbelievable mistake that all

should be able to understand. The experts refuse to discuss this because it is embarrassing.


It will be our downfall if the press does not allow this discussion to take place

against the will of the climate experts.

The climate professors are not doing their job ... as this discussion shows.


(If you are doing your job ... step forward and defend the positions that are the foundation of the country's climate policy

and for our survival )



University of Arkansas

Physicists have successfully generated an electrical current from the atomic motion of graphene, discovering a new source of clean, limitless power.