Unless the experts stop us





Vinod Khosla says:

I had a hard time thinking of a single thing that came out

from a major company in the last 20, 30 years.

that changed the world significantly.

All the interesting things are happening on the edges of the system. They don't happen in the solid core.


These are Vinod Khosla's words. He's a super-entrepreneur in California.

This is really crucial knowledge, Watch this YouTube Video.


Innovations that significantly change the world are always furiously opposed.

This is also logical because these innovations are way over their heads

of all the experts and professors. If it weren't for that, everything would have already been invented.


Experts react quite primitively to this and oppose anything that cannot be dominated

and understood. This is the same all over the world and that is why Vinod Kholsa says

We can invent the future we want, as long as the experts don't stop us. That is

amazing what innovators can achieve.


The climate crisis requires us to be

1.innovative to understand the crisis and

2.innovative to solve it.


Top performers in both these areas are furiously discouraged.

We don't have the time or the money for that now, when it's really urgent

to achieve feats that humanity has never seen before. The house is on fire.

All parties need to think through how to put aside prestige for

to prioritize the next generation's survival of the predicament to which we have responded

too slowly, so far.


Authorities, experts, parties and politicians have demonstrated in practical action

that constructive and innovative processes are almost entirely absent.



The question is what happens next, when hundreds of thousands of

disappointed and desperate young people lose faith in the slow,

political processes. Will the wild flurry of calls for

anti-democratic actions, from both the far right and left,

gain more followers? (SVT Erika Bjerström)




Climate Minister Per Bolund says:

We are in the midst of two existential crises, the corona crisis and the climate crisis.


The solution to both is cooperation and innovation.


Per Bolund is absolutely right.


BUT every new idea meets resistance in three stages


1. This is impossible

2. This may be possible but it is not worth it

3. I told you all along that this was the right solution.


When Galileo said that the earth is round and not at the centre of the universe, in 1633,

it took 300 years to go through these three steps.


My new book aims to be just the kind of new thinking that the climate minister is calling for.


Everything right now is in phase 1: This is impossible.


That's why Swedish authorities have hired lawyers to prevent their professors

from being hit by the kind of new thinking that professors are not used to.

That is how dangerous the new thinking that Mr Bolund is calling for is.


The state and the Swedish people are totally dependent on innovation to survive the climate crisis.


At the same time, the authorities and politicians are doing everything they can to furiously oppose all new thinking.


President JF Kennedy used psychological research to get rid of Groupthink.

It improved the quality of all decisions. Groupthink makes blind paralysis happen everywhere,

in all organizations. This is an extremely dangerous threat to democracy.


The simple solution lies in encouraging people to think independently.

This will unlock the most important asset the country has. This is a prerequisite

to overcome the climate crisis.


Fighting Groupthink is an example of what is perceived as NewThink and resistance

is therefore furious.


The book identifies a number of other key factors that are powerful obstacles to climate action.


The book shows how the IPCC has been able to claim climate sensitivity=3 for a full 40 years when the true value is around 36.

Professors are only human, as vulnerable to Groupthink as anyone else.

An entire world has lost the ability to make accurate climate predictions because all

joined a colossal bandwagon that blindly believes in climate sensitivity=3

even though every child can count squares and determine that this is wrong.

Everyone has learned by heart from the IPCC that +2C occurs at 450 ppm.

Every child can see that the IPCC placed their yellow circle completely outside of reality.

Yet the scientific world is forced to believe this dangerous lie.

What every child sees, most professors have yet to acknowledge.






These are not empty words. The proof is in the above image from the ice cores and

further proof is in the book. We must get through this predicament

before we can build a workable climate policy.


Resistance is infuriating to achieve a true view of climate.

Resistance is furious to any technology "at the edges of the system"


Thus, all factors that will be our salvation are maximally resisted.


Climate Minister Per Bolund is absolutely right that New Thinking is needed.


But it is urgent that the government also ensures that New Thinking is not thwarted on all fronts.

This could mean removing all Groupthinkers from decision-making positions - or

letting civilization perish.


Since the current experts (IPCC-SMHI ) have not succeeded in giving the Swedish people a correct view of the climate, it is important that the flow of information in society is reversed.


Since the current expertise (IPCC-SMHI ) has not succeeded in providing a single strategy to solve the climate crisis in its entirety, it is important that the flow of information in society is reversed.


The real knowledge is out there in society, among businesses, employees, innovators. Their views are being resisted or haughtily ignored today.


But the Swedish people have forgotten the constitution:

"All power emanates from the people".

That is why it is crucial that this discussion gets into the press and media.


Greta is therefore also right that hope comes from the people, while

those who have the platform and the power do not seem to lift a finger.


The elites who are currently deceiving the people and the politicians with two

specific lies must humbly submit to the


the laws of nature, mathematics and

the will of the people.


The two specific lies are


§ 1. That the climate sensitivity is 3 when the truth is around 36

§ 2. That global temperature stops when emissions stop when the truth is the opposite.


The book explains these lies, both in pictures that everyone can understand,

and in the last chapter, with mathematics.


The book also explains how these two lies are connected because there are

a mathematical connection.


When §1 is corrected, lie §2 automatically disappears.

Then we can lay the foundations for a workable climate policy.





Dr Ignaz Semmelweis (1818-1865) was bullied, shunned, ignored and rejected.

by the 19th century medical establishment for urging doctors to wash their hands. Doctors saw a threat to their respect and social alliances because of these new ideas.


The press dared not address this because the entire elite of the world thought Semmelweis was wrong.

The discussion was completely forbidden. For the press, it was more important to be involved in the elite's world of thought than to seriously seek the truth.



The same applies to the two lies §1 §2.


Those who point to §1, §2 are bullied, shunned, ignored and rejected

by today's establishment. The experts see a threat to their respect and social alliances because of these new ideas. Prestige is more important than the future of our children.


The press does not dare to address this because the entire elite of the world ensures that this discussion remains forbidden.


I have seen independent researchers since 2001 trying to crack down on

these deadly lies. Now time has run out and everyone must symbolically

start washing their hands in time for Glasgow. Otherwise we will not survive the climate crisis.


When you start calculating the correct climate sensitivity, it also becomes clear

that climate change is 36/3 =12 times more powerful than the experts believe.

This is why scientists are surprised time and again.


This makes Zero Emissions 2050 an ineffective policy.

Experts and politicians will be completely hands-off before long.


The book is unique. It doesn't just point out the problems.

15 years of reflection have led to a powerful solution

that is completely different from current policies.


This has already been presented at the Chalmers General Assembly,

SIO Graphene conference on 27 April 2015.


The researchers gave the thumbs up and the Swedish Energy Agency who were present

and took a lot of notes have carefully swept this under the carpet.


Within reach was by far Sweden's largest industrial project.

A project with the potential to solve the entire climate crisis and

our entire energy supply.


In the long term, the Swedish people should not have to worry about the climate crisis,

nor for rising electricity prices or fuel at 100 euros a litre.


All this is solvable in smart ways if the experts don't stop us.


In concrete terms, the project can be designed in different ways.


One possible design is this house that uses nanotechnology to

to take methane directly from the air. A funnel with a diameter of 5 m and an air velocity

of 5 m/s can theoretically capture 6.5 kW of methane from the air.

That's enough to generate all the electrical power for the house and it's enough to

fuel for the car. A car running on atmospheric methane reverses the greenhouse effect

100 times more powerfully than fossil fuel cars destroy it. Therefore, a single such

car can make 100 cars run on fossil fuels at the same time and the whole thing becomes climate neutral.

This shows how smooth and comfortable the transition to a new world can be.






It takes 100 million such houses to provide 100 million families with ultra-high

living standards while solving the ENTIRE climate crisis within

within 20 years. With this calculator, everyone can play with the resources that

available in thin air www.ppm.today/air


All such newness arises "at the edges of the system" and is furiously resisted by

the entire establishment. There must be hundreds of similar proposals released.


Current climate policy Zero Emissions 2050 is a cheating policy. It is a

unimaginative insult to our own children. A disgrace.


The choice is crystal clear: Remove all Groupthinkers from decision-making positions - or

or let civilization perish. The Swedish people must inform themselves and exercise the power

that emanates from the constitution.


Then Sweden can achieve the leading position that our politicians have already decided

that we should have. Good !