Water and Methane

Earth's future currency won't be digital Meet the world's most liquid assets




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The most valuable assets are found in thin air.

With nanotechnology, these assets can be used.


Methane gas in the atmosphere is the best fuel imaginable

for cars and planes. When you use atmospheric methane, the

the greenhouse effect drops at a dizzying rate. When this technology works

entire countries' energy problems will be solved.

Virtually the entire climate crisis can

can be solved on this track.


What's more: water can be used to sequester CO2.

Deserts can be irrigated, cheaply and efficiently.

There is almost unlimited water in the empty air and this water

can be harvested with nanotechnology.


There is one thing that is worth more than all forms of money.

It is more valuable than any kind of asset or commodity.

We are talking about the one thing that we cannot survive without.


Earth's future currency is not bitcoin or any of its rivals. It is

going to be the last thing you would ever expect.

It will be water and methane.


Demand for water will exceed supply by 40% in less than a decade.

Years. Almost half the world will live in water-scarce areas.

Three billion people already do.


"The next victims of a changing climate could be our favourite foods

and our wallets, as water scarcity hits farmers."

This year 2021 was the worst on record.


America's largest water reservoir, Lake Mead, has sunk to its lowest level

since it was built nearly 100 years ago. Experts

predict that crop yields will drop by 20 percent or more starting this year.

this year. That will affect corn and soybeans as well as dairy and meat.


It will hurt water-intensive crops even more.

No more avocados. It's going to get worse.

Water shortages should be front page news.

It isn't.


This is what people don't understand. Water and energy are everything.


There has to be a sense of responsibility.

Otherwise, we're screwed. Water and energy will become more expensive.

All this will happen gradually. We will be told not to panic.


Things are already critical in the world's largest population centres:


Cape Town, South Africa

Mexico City, Mexico

Cairo, Egypt

Tokyo, Japan,

Jakarta, Indonesia,

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Beijing, China

Bangalore, India

Melbourne, Australia

London, United Kingdom


We might survive. There may be a way out of this mess. It's not that

the same as thinking everything will be all right. Things won't be

better on their own. Things will get harder, from now on.


We'd better get used to it.


Everything gets tighter. The cost of everything is going up, because

for various reasons. This also applies to water, which is currently coming

out of the tap in endless quantities. Companies investing in water

will make a fortune. In the coming

ten years, we will make water a commodity like no one has ever seen.

Clean, pure drinking water will become one of the most valuable assets in history,

worth more than gold.


The future currency of the planet is water and methane. You will see.

The solution may lie in nanotechnology.


Inspiration Ref Blog: Jessica Wildfire